Rhodesian African Rifles 28mm figures


I thought I would remind all Rhodesian Bush war gamers of the splendid figures sculptured by Kosta Herko, for Eureka Miniatures in Australia. You can also get them in the UK through Fighting 15s.

Interesting to note that along side the Rhodesian Light Infantry the RAR still hold the world record for Military Parachute Operations. 1RAR and 2RAR manned two of the four main Fire Forces during the bush war. With the expansion of operations Indep RAR units took part in Fire Force and this lead to Jumbo Fire Force as well..

Once RAR paratroopers had landed on the DZ they would unstrap their weapon, drop their parachute harness and helmet making a note of where they where. They would then replace their combat cap, inside out so the day glow is upper most, form a sweep line and advance.

Some of these figures are expertly painted by Ashley Straw.

I have still not got a good image of the European officer and there are twelve other figures included of various poses giving you three sticks of troops.

28mmRARstick2BLR_zps63ab059d 28mmRARstick2CLR_zpsd2093994 28mmRARstick2DLR_zpsfd336854 img536e547d748ce img536e5410ec231 RAR firing greens 01 RAR firing greens 02 RAR greens group rar-1 rar-2 rar-3 rar-4 (1) rar-4 rar-advancing-greens-01 (1) rar-advancing-greens-01 rar-castings-01 WIP28mmRARALR_zps4fd3cf0c (1) WIP28mmRARBLR_zps44e7f8bb


2 thoughts on “Rhodesian African Rifles 28mm figures

  1. vivik9

    Hello all,
    I was very pleased to find this website detailing the Rhodesian conflict, so much so I joined WordPress.
    I am the Organizer of a Meetup.com group named Southwest Virginia Wargaming Society. We have about 60 photos posted of our collection and games for Rhodesia, all in 28mm Eureka figures and scratch built buildings/vehicles.
    The RAR I painted are a bit too yellow, but I plan to brown them down with some Minwax wood stain asap. Here is the link to some photos. Drop by our site you can see all our pics without joining.

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