Scratch building BSAP 28mm figures


British South African Police

Scratch building BSAP 28mm figures

While we wait for manufacturers to come out with new figures I thought I would try my hand at a bit of scratch building BSAP figures.

Using my box of Perry Miniatures 8th Army 28mm figures I decided to make a batch of BSAP figures.

BSAP Figures.

I purchased soft hats and peaked cap heads from Gripping Beast WW1 range.

Also I sent off for a number of weapons packs from WWW.THEASSAULTGROUP.COM.

In this case I ordered FN assault rifles for my figures.

Thus the Perry figures 28mm plastic miniatures gave me BSAP in shorts and I added peaked cap heads, 44 ammo pouches and FN rifles. Trimmed off the 303s, and webbing where necessary.

For the BSAP figures I cut off back straps and some water bottles and 44 ammo pouches. I scraped off the gaiters leaving socks. I also cut off the bayonet. In some cases I kept the water bottle but trimmed the cap and straps to make it look like an ammo pouch. BSAP in Patrol Order would also wear leather leggings which were highly polished.

Even towards the end of the war the BSAP in Patrol Order would have a 44 ammo pouch on their hip to carry FN magazines.

I attached one 44 ammo pouch from the box set to some of the figures.

The peaked cap heads and FN rifles were attached using Rapide epoxy glue.

Colours as per my previous post on the BSAP.

I recently bought the book ‘Blue and Old Gold’, the history of the BSAP.


You could have a vehicle patrol of 6 BSAP troopers a PO (Patrol Officer) and 5 constables in a mine protected Land Rover, Leopard or Cougar, in a remote area or village being ambushed. Numbers could vary. Larger vehicles might also be used.

You could have an attack on a remote BSAP post somewhere in the bush. In later years police posts were defended with grenade screens, sand bag walls, bunkers, earth banks, embrasures, and other defences.

You could also have a police follow up after a Terr attack. Police tracking and dog teams could be brought in for this.

IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3802 IMG_3803 IMG_3804 IMG_3805


2 thoughts on “Scratch building BSAP 28mm figures

    • Hi Pete Thanks Pete. I am going to add a number of BSAP figures with FNs and chest webbing, same shirt, dark blue longs tucked into combat boots. Khaki peaked cap etc etc. Will post post photos of actual BSAP, when I get a chance. All the best John Hop

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