28MM Bedford RLs arrive.


Well my Bedford RLs have arrived and I am very impressed with the quality and how solidly built they are. David thank you very much. They all arrived from Australia well packed and in one piece.

These are the photos of a series of vehicles made by David Feemantle in Australia and are compatible with 28mm Eureka Rhodesian Figures. His details are below.

Dave Freemantle Rhodesian vehicle models
Contact email is freemantledavid@yahoo.com.au

David uses PayPal as it is very user friendly. Please let people know that he will need time to put orders together as he does not carry much stock and make them as and when ordered.

Think my next blog is going to be on ‘Vehicle Anti Ambush Procedures’. Will have to now convert some spare early and late RAR figures to create passengers.

IMG_3806 IMG_3807 IMG_3808 IMG_3809 IMG_3810


8 thoughts on “28MM Bedford RLs arrive.

    • Hi Buzz Thanks for the tip. I have had a look at those and they look interesting. Might get some to see how they fit in with my early war Rhodesian troops. Bren guns could be a must. Thanks. Have you used them for Rhodesian troops?

  1. Hello John, that’s the plan, though I have to admit I ordered the wrong figures ( helmeted ), I know I could use them at a pinch but The troops in jungle hats have been ordered. Just a question though, are the RL’s resin or plastic? Oh yes and don’t stop blogging. Cheers Buzz

    • Hi Buzz The RLs are resin in the main, with plastic and metal parts. In fact they have rotating wheels. I bought them made up and painted. Rhodesian army had Brit helmets at the begining, but not used on ops. In later years of the bush war the OTAN/NATO helmet came in. Also M1 American helmets made in Taiwan. Also British Para helmets were used for paratrooping and in general large operations.

      I believe the BSAP used early British helmets for riot control right up to the end of the war. Special BSAP Reserves used WWII helmets painted blue.

      We had a large Conventional War exercise on Somobula Plains in 1980 with 2RAR Battle Group with all arms. Gearing up for external column operations. Interesting.

      Will keep bloging as long as you guys find it of interest.

  2. David Freemantle

    Hi John they look brilliant, I have been working on doing some earlier Federation vehicles one is a Ford trader and 2 land rovers a short wheel base and a LWB

      • David Freemantle

        Thanks John, I am planing to do the 45 in the same scale also a Bedford RM. I have done the Ford Trader, a LWB and SWB Land Rover. I have also revamped the Pookie it is now mostly cast in white metal so that the wheels can rotate and the pans are hinged so they can be raised or lowered.

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