10299114_476318925847098_8866632831174149350_n 10306229_476318272513830_8605115157597623291_n 10309209_476318629180461_553148618494914586_n 10313312_476318352513822_7833942336617035529_n 10325578_476319085847082_5778970357849465001_n 10325699_476319022513755_5811436202231617398_n 10330381_476326915846299_4066441785634218465_n 10338242_476326959179628_6373836409010868233_n 10338806_476318125847178_7368001065575795801_n 10341409_476318599180464_2013219848664499476_n 10341772_476318259180498_950691253755616353_n 10353121_476326819179642_8460771039897594022_n 10363619_476318499180474_167771046877183695_n - Copy 10363953_10203130120046864_4315384690927929500_n 10371499_476326972512960_4553712140718313865_n 10375979_476317802513877_8317638804778031775_n - Copy 10390312_476317785847212_4228480389147519973_n 10393180_476319249180399_9096819366082243700_n 10404163_476318319180492_3153423799638702033_n 10414509_476319095847081_6089847031393356890_n - Copy 10417625_476319039180420_7867464917618034284_n 10422246_476319229180401_2177905460990472303_n BSAP MAP  DETAIL 2 BSAP MAP  DETAIL 19828_1000524163292438_4483074052669978523_n 11078083_10153276034359577_1224193331263167382_n 11079661_820101414711524_5312169781796066105_n 007-camp-shower 63c61d092cb764db6a5741444693caf51ffab830 77401637 5553881097_894dbae774_m Guard Force 1 images (1) images (2) leopard LM DC Rushing JS Whenman, Chimanda TTL, Rushinga, Landmine BSAP vehicle Mt%20Darwin%20Chiswiti%201[1] o5ztcm


2 thoughts on “BSAP PHOTOGRAPHS

  1. Neil Gaunt

    Thanks – it is a long time since I wore that uniform!


    /*T N Gaunt AMRAeS*/

    *Aircraft In Miniature Limited*

    *19 Watling Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 6JJ, England*

    /*Manufacturers of Historic Wings, Rug Rat Resins and Transport Wings model aircraft kits plus AIM Ground Equipment kits. Please visit our website at*/

    • Hi Neil
      Good to hear from you. Hope you liked my BSAP figures in my previous post.
      I think you need to do the Trog in 1/72 scale as it is a must for the Rhodesian Operations.
      All the best

      John Hop

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