Fire Force trooping drills evolved over the years from 1974 until the end of the Bush War. The drills remained the same apart from the seating arrangement for the stick leader and MAG gunner or gunners.

The diagrams are earlier drills which have the stick leader sitting in the front facing backwards. By the end of the war the stick leader sat in the rear inside the MAG gunner. Also in the early deplaning drill diagram the stick leader is on the right but by the later years of Fire Force he would move across to the position next to the MAG gunner, so that he can control the gunner and stick from a central position.

The Aide Memoire trooping drills in this article are from the RR COIN Booklet and depict operational drills towards the end of the war, where the stick commander sat inside behind the pilot so he could see what was going on ahead. He would also put on a head set, so that he could listen to the talk on to the target.

In the RAR Fire Forces towards the end of the war, some sticks might have x2 MAGs and in one case an officer in A Coy 2 RAR had x3 MAGs in his stick.

10347413_10203587629105738_5165693324012835597_n 10420363_856939267705383_22807342880779331_n 10988535_10205077835379591_3163196896483705503_n Alouetteview[1] andy odorico g car (1) brian orford g car (1) COIN TROOPING DRILLS DETAIL deplaning EMPLANING DEKA G Car Troops Deplane G Car troops emplaning g-car stick (1) img097wp91 john frame g-car john frame RAR FF RLIfireforceKCARtakingoff WANKIE FAF 2D WP_20150209_001 trooping drills detail

616424_10151045934563680_311470207_o[1] 622164_10151045934473680_2059141275_o[1] 10308104_10203077719016871_5389172531254898075_n[1] 10896979_10204694226109599_8533118360711372000_n deplaning drills detail


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