I found some more of my old School of Infantry rough notes which includes a lot of detail on the use of the Grey’s Scouts. Also the ORBAT is in the notes.

I from this you will be able to come up with new scenarios. One thing you must remember is that the Grey’s were mounted Infantry and would dismount to skirmish or assault an enemy. position. They would not charge mounted at buildings or dug in positions or objectives. The only time this would happen is during an ambush situation.

The reaction to ambush drill for the Grey’s Scouts was to charge the Terr position. I can only say it is quite an aw inspiring sight. We as officer cadets were put behind trees and warned not to come from behind them. The Grey’s charged through us and it was suitably frightening. We were warned that the horses would just run us down, if we stepped out, thus killing us.

Way back when, I did notice that Grey’s Scouts would escort convoys but they would travel in a horse carrier with a MAP TCV such as a Crocodile and would be released once there was a contact. They could then follow up or even cut the ambush group off. I could not envisage horses keeping up with a convoy for long as the convoys traveled at a fare speed.

The new Grey’s Scouts photos are by Andy Collier. Very detailed photos indeed..

Eureka 28mm Figures does the 28mm Grey’s Scouts figures which in the UK can be purchased from Fighting 15s.

If you are into 20mm Rhodesian Bush War figures Underfire Miniatures in the UK do 20mm Grey’s Scouts.


GREYS SCOUTS ORG 1 GREYS SCOUTS ORG 2 GREYS SCOUTS ORG 3 GREYS SCOUTS ORG 4 GREYS SCOUTS ORG 5 GREYS SCOUTS ORG 6 GREYS SCOUTS ORG 7 1464692_10205844019524353_8199591370928039258_n 10269419_10205820053325213_4971275608657726371_n 10458394_10205820054365239_2886558986364679860_n 10676203_10205844023724458_1769599131595961864_n andy collier


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