I have just had a new batch of photos from Mike Watson who is writing the book on the Grey’s Scouts. Will be ordering mine.

Interesting set of photos as they  show a 60mm commando mortar team, HCV 7.5 with horses, Grey’s Scouts dismounted, Heavey barrel FN gunner mounted, and a photo of the cover of the book Faces of War which depicts a pack horse carrying an 81mm mortar, I believe. More info to follow.

Many thanks to Mike Watson for his help and looking forward to more info to follow,

427089_333804576664111_1404508246_n 10250137_999190590125503_1446457832558858755_n MIKE WATSON 60MM COMMANDO MORTAR MIKE WATSON HEAVY BARREL FN TR14 MW ARMY UNITS MW GSCOUTS FOOT PATROL MW HCV 7.5



  1. Hi Buzz Hell I had forgotten about that. I know Alex very well. Helped him when he put the Masodja book together, History of the RAR. That is another book I will have to order. Thanks for that!

    • Hi Pete I bought the Greys Scouts book Equus Men by Alexander Binda and it is excellent! Good read for anyone wanting to understand their operations. Apparently there will be another book coming out soon.

  2. Paul Napier

    I concur, its an excellent book. There are some interesting situations for war gamers. Throw a 1 – horse throws shoe, throw a 2 – horse runs off in contact and joins a herd of zebra, throw a 3 – horse gets saddle sores and can’t be ridden…….

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