Eureka 28mm RLI troopies (Rhodesian Light Infantry)


Well I have just ordered another batch of RLI ‘Troopies’ which I will paint up in shorts as early to mid war RLI. At the later stages of the Rhodesian Bush War the RLI started to wear full combat kit which included combat trousers and in later years camouflaged full jump suits, overalls etc.

The Rhodesian Light Infantry were an all white unit but there were numbers of occasions where the RLI and RAR (Rhodesian African Rifles) would combine on operations so you would have white and black mixed sticks.

Even though the RLI did not see them selves as a dedicated airborne unit they hold the record for military parachuting operations in the world. The RAR come a close second and thus can say they figure in that accolade.

In the later years of the war specialized webbing came in to being as troops needed dedicated webbing equipment which included chest rig, various types of jacket ebbing and canvas webbing or Fire Force vests. There were a variety of such items produced by private companies bought by the individual and later ordered by the army.

I will also add trousers to these models to give me later war RLI and I do believe I will be able to create SAS (Macombe Days) with the addition of large packs. AKs, RPDs etc.

I have also ordered British Para heads from West Wind, Berlin or Bust WWII range which will give me figures with helmets. The helmeted heads have netting and skrim, but file these off and you have a clean British Para helmet as used by the Rhodesians.

Fireforce, One mans war in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, by Chris Cocks is a must. There are a number of other publications which are very good.

51+H1qtcGWL Eureka_28mm_RLI IMG_3818 IMG_3819 384421_110407233804_IMG_6334[1] 384421_110407234118_IMG_6337[1] 413132-1588218571-l[1] radiosignal-300x225[1] Rhodesian_Camo_Fireforce_vest_front 454717_100308123301_IMG_0001[1] 454717_130304174713_IMG_0005[1] 1065490_100318165239_DSCF1236[1] unif110[1] 622164_10151045934473680_2059141275_o[1] 10308104_10203077719016871_5389172531254898075_n[1] 616424_10151045934563680_311470207_o[1] brian orford g car (1) deplaning

rhodesian_fire_force_1966-80_pafrica_warp $_58 download counter strike war diaries dtail masodja cover


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