I found the classic photo showing the mixed sticks of RLI and RAR troops at a Fire Force FAF.

I think this might be Grand Reef FAF.FAF 8 grand r 77 mixed stick 2 mixed stick mixed sticks 3

This photo is from the Contact  book which was produced during the war. These Contact books have very good information in them, if you can get your hands on one now.

You will note that the RAR are wearing full combat kit with only one RAR Masodja in shorts. The RLI Troopies all wear shorts. At one time black rugby shorts were favored in the RLI but green PT shorts and cammo shorts were also worn.

The RAR tended to frown on shorts as in close country you could get cut to ribbons and if you were a white (ES) Officer  it was difficult to camo cream legs and arms. 30 minutes of hot operations and your sweat would wash off camo cream. Also when in ambushes at night it could get cold out there, even in Africa.

RAR troops would all carry sleeping bags (fart sacks) which were a dark green colour but in later years individuals would stitch Rhodesian camouflage material over them.

You will also notice many have removed their combat caps and stuffed them in their shirts, ready to board the G-cars.

contact 2 contact

Contact bu John Lovett and Contact II by Paul L. Moorcraft.

Both very good books but that photo was a center spread so very difficult to copy.

3 thoughts on “RLI and RAR MIXED STICKS

    • Hi Neil
      Yes I saw those decals and I saved them to my desktop. Would you mind if I posted them on my blog Neil? Could be another scenario for war gamers. I will have to get some sets.
      When are you going to make the Trog in 1/72nd scale????? Also we need Federation, and Republic decals for all RRAF and RhAF aircraft 1/72nd scales. If you have time Lol! All the best John Hop

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