5.5 Gun Tractor


Looking for other photographs today I found this gem which is a side view of the 5.5 Gun Tractor of the RhA (Rhodesian Artillery).

Part of the medium Battery and I believe there were 8 tractors contrary to popular belief of 2. but saying that I note that one vehicles registration plate shows 09 which means there were at least 9 vehicles of this type so possibly 10. You had to have 8 to tow the 8 5.5 Guns.

I also found a spider of Rhodesian Army Mine-Proof Vehicles done by my good friend Don Blevin. Don actually put together a very good manuscript on Rhodesian Mine Proofed Vehicles. Unfortunately it was never published.

I have also put in some odd shots of 5.5 Medium Artillery pieces and some of them in South African Artillery service. It should give you some idea of the colour of the shells etc. I have no photos of 5.5 in Rhodesian service but the guns must have been painted in Rhodesian colours.

I note that there are two gun ports in the opened side hatch to the crew compartment so there are probably two more ports on the glassis which the hatch door is covering. Thus the 8 crew probably had a port each to fire from.  4 ports on each side. All ammunition was stored in the rear area.

army vehicles 1 army vehicles 2 gun tractor for 5.5 detail

LockeCooke[1] Stiff[1]

300px-Ordnance_bl55_140mm_gun_hameenlinna_1 5813412576_756013012d_b BL_5.5_inch_Gun Puckapunyal-BL-5.5-inch-2 1779315_10207142057299997_7577554115751117909_n 1891052_10207141987338248_5420214431355044476_n 10155553_10207141953777409_2703529922088808141_n 10341408_10207141937016990_1427056412523436296_n 11113001_10207141992858386_7341824160598075270_n 11137140_10207142059940063_2609510650127188831_n 11535875_10207142069540303_7404105869737142184_n


4 thoughts on “5.5 Gun Tractor

  1. Paul Napier

    I have several colour pictures of Rhodesian 5.5 inch guns that were passed to me by a member of the Rhodesian Artillery. The condition of passing them to me was that I did not publish or pass them on. I can confirm they are painted standard Rhodesian cam colours as shown on my model of 5.5 inch gun on the New Rhodesian website modelling pages.


    • Hi Paul
      Many thanks for that as I never got to see the 5.5 Guns. I remember seeing one of the 5.5 Gun Tractors on the road to Kutanga Ranges but as it was early morning and passing (much dust) our MAP 4.5, I never got any photos. I will have a look at your models. All the best John Hop

  2. Paul Napier

    With the exception of a few I’ve done in 1/48th to go with RhAF aircraft, all the vehicles are 1/35th scale.


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