Thought I would post some photos on the BSAP Mounted Unit which were another interesting unit to create. BSAP MU tended to have far more Africans in the unit as compared to the Grey’s Scouts but in later years the Grey’s Scouts started to take African recruits.

I believe the Grey’s Scouts still exists in the Zimbabwe National Army ORBAT with the same badge. Change of name though.



INTAF MU (Internal Affairs Mounted Unit)


Well I thought I would have a go at producing an Intaf Mounted Unit, so I have ordered another batch of Eureka 28mm Grey’s Scouts figures.

I converted the Grey’s Scouts figure with the bare head and placed a slouch hated head from the Perry Miniatures WWII range. I also removed the bottle from his hip.

Painting:- Uniform 94 for trousers but I added Humbrol SM314 for the shirt. Slouch hat was painted in Khaki humbrol 26 with a black Intaf badge and a scarlet band Pugari on the slouch hat. Humbrol scarlet 174. African members skin was humbrol 29.

Once I get more figures I will add more figures to create an Intaf MU. There are also figures with floppy hats which can be used as is, but just remove webbing straps and water bottle.

IMG_3881 IMG_3882 IMG_3883 IMG_3884 IMG_3885 IMG_3886DSCN0359 intaf  uniform 2 Intaf Horse Troop Mt Darwin small intaf keep 3 intaf one Orbat Intaf small b 11160565_1008240919187429_6608870374560681174_n

Grey’s Scouts based


I have more or less completed my Grey’s Scouts with grass on the bases.

Busch – wildgrass 7372 which I found in the Antics model shop in Cardiff.

Will add some more figures in the future. Hoping next to make some Intaf (Internal Affairs) MU ) Mounted Unit from the same figures and using slouch hat heads from the Perry Miniatures WWII range..

IMG_3862 IMG_3863 IMG_3864 IMG_3865 IMG_3866 IMG_3867 IMG_3868 IMG_3869 IMG_3870 IMG_3871 IMG_3872 IMG_3873 IMG_3874 IMG_3875 IMG_3876 IMG_3877 IMG_3878



My recently received  batch of 28mm Grey’s Scouts from Eureka I have spent some time bringing them up to speed by adding packs, sleeping bags, chest rig, packs, water bottles etc. For the horses I have added the Perry 44 packs or the Assault Group hip packs as saddlebags.

I have bought 44 pattern back packs from the WWII Perry Miniatures range for the troops and also the horse saddle bags.

Also I bought water bottles from WWW.THEASSAULTGROUP.COM put on these troops.

Not done it yet but I may sling the odd RPG7 for more support.

I have now completed 3 sections of Grey’s Scouts and may add a combat tracker team. Waiting for more detailed info from an old Grey’s Scouts friend.

IMG_3851 IMG_3852 IMG_3853 IMG_3854 IMG_3855 IMG_3856 IMG_3857 IMG_3858 IMG_3859 IMG_3860 IMG_3861



I was at the unveiling of the RAR Monument at the Arboretum recently and there was a new book on sale by Capt Andy Telfer 2RAR and Capt Russell Fulton 1RAR.

A very interesting read for those interested in the Rhodesian Bush War. It gives you the nitty gritty of Fire Force contacts as well as other operations. It also includes daily life of a subby in the RAR.

Chibaya Moyo, ‘Strike to the Heart’ in Shona, is an anthology of stories and anecdotes from those who served with the masodja, the all-volunteer black soldiers of the Rhodesian African Rifles, a proud African regiment that fought with distinction in two world wars, the Malayan Emergency and the Rhodesian bush war. Chibaya Moyo brings together so many voices with tales of such vastly differing topics that it is by turn fascinating, tragic, humorous, intense, sad and inspirational; above all though it is honest.

Available from 30 Degrees South. Well done Andy and Russell.

Also on sale on the day was the RNR/RAR Book of Remembrance by Gerry van Tonder. An excellent read and remembrance of the RNR/RAR. Well done Gerry.

chibaya_moyo_big 11014821_10205590555736647_1372248867226633597_n 11128788_10153452334795761_1321833133_n 11180323_10153555354605802_1981455697745938546_n (1) 11694145_10153555352895802_7107414186651219980_n 11694761_10153553980835802_5244786576131090967_n 11701088_10152885349686990_3023321683123620764_n 11707473_10153553980830802_8387484032521066961_n (1) 11707473_10153553980830802_8387484032521066961_n 11721157_10153452219100761_1067061886_n 11721433_10153452166565761_862926502_n 11737813_10153555433330802_314230811678040421_n 11745487_10152910126241817_7928785060546178472_n 7b72fdab16bba159a257f904ef55268d 11214293_10154051186292067_3423705816955846039_n 11745312_10154051181317067_7749353137134747635_n



mpcv parade MPCV and JWH

A little detail for the MPCV in the way of markings. C Coy emblem on side was a green skull and crossbones on all vehicles. Jaws teeth on. C/S 39 on turret for sunray C Coy

All other vehicles had 1Pl – 31, 31A, 31B, 31C then 2 Pl – 32, 32A, 32B, 32C, then 3Pl – 33, 33A, 33B, 33C.

That makes up the 13 MPCVs which C Coy had in support of the Eland 90 armored cars during the Entumbane operations.

The ZNA MPCVs went on to operate in Mozambique, DCR and Somalia with the peace keeping forces. So you could have this vehicle in white with UN markings or would they have been other markings? Will try and find out.

MPCV C Coy 1RAR (Shark 39)



I thought I would add a note.

With Independence in 1980 in Zimbabwe the camouflage of Rhodesian Army vehicles changed from buff ochre and camouflage green to Dark Earth with Dark Green blotches.

You will note that the 1RAR Battle Group of 1980/81 the camouflage sceme had changed but there were still some vehicles which were in the old camouflage.

‘Jaws’ the command vehicle of C Coy initially had a 50 Cal mounted but later this was replaced with a Soviet 12,7 HMG. I painted the jaws on the vehicle for Major Lyonel Dyck who was OC at the time.

In fact there were two hatches in the top of the MPCV vehicle so troops could fire from the top of the vehicle if need be. This can be seen in the last photo but I have no detail.

Mercedes_MCAV 1044 11094673_918375484869630_3764202755658802347_n 1039 10628474_918376351536210_8732496352476682920_n

MPCV C Coy 1RAR (Shark 39) MPCV and JWH

mpcv parade