Just had this from Keiserbill, that Company B has produced a 1/56th resin MPCV (Mine Protected Combat Vehicle) of the RhACR (Rhodesian Armored Car Regiment). These vehicles were going to be used by the troops of D Sqaudron, I believe, in support of the Eland 90 armored cars and T54s of E Sqn.

In 1979 Rhodesia was gearing up for full blown armored warfare as ZIPRA and FRELIMO had received large quantities of armored vehicles. These MPCV vehicles would be great in a what if scenario with opposing armored forces.

As it transpired 1RAR Battle Group were the first regiment to be issued with these vehicles, in all 13 MPCVs went to C Company and took part in the Entumbane operations in 1980 and 1981.

Message from Keiserbill – Have you seen Company B’s new Mercedes MPCV in 1/56 (

Also quite a bit of other kit with Eland 90 and 60, Pookie, Unimog 2.5, BTR 152s, and a lot of other interesting kit for Rhodesian Bush Wars.

I am going to order some soon.

army vehicles 2 Mercedes_MCAV mpcv parade MPCV of 1RAR MPCV of 1RAR detail MPCV C Coy 1RAR (Shark 39) MPCV and JWH MPCV 1RAR detail 1551703_394366617375663_920016328_n[1]

11094673_918375484869630_3764202755658802347_n 10628474_918376351536210_8732496352476682920_n 1044 1040 1039 1038 1036 1035 1034


4 thoughts on “MPCV BY COMPANY B

  1. Katangais

    Those are interesting photographs of the vehicles John, did you take some of them yourself?

    Also I do believe that’s Sergeant “Skippy” Devine as the Eland commander in the fourteenth image.

    • Hi Katangais Yes that is “Skippy” Devine standing in the turret of the Eland. Good man saved our bacon!

      Yes a lot of the MPCV photos are mine and me standing by “Jaws”. Some of the Eland photos are mine but some of the more faded photos are from the Masodja collection.
      All the best John Hop

      • Katangais

        Hi John thanks for the response.

        We at the African military history community at Wikipedia are always looking for Rhodesian veterans with photos that we could use in our articles. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind contributing a few?

        Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

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