INTAF MU (Internal Affairs Mounted Unit)


Well I thought I would have a go at producing an Intaf Mounted Unit, so I have ordered another batch of Eureka 28mm Grey’s Scouts figures.

I converted the Grey’s Scouts figure with the bare head and placed a slouch hated head from the Perry Miniatures WWII range. I also removed the bottle from his hip.

Painting:- Uniform 94 for trousers but I added Humbrol SM314 for the shirt. Slouch hat was painted in Khaki humbrol 26 with a black Intaf badge and a scarlet band Pugari on the slouch hat. Humbrol scarlet 174. African members skin was humbrol 29.

Once I get more figures I will add more figures to create an Intaf MU. There are also figures with floppy hats which can be used as is, but just remove webbing straps and water bottle.

IMG_3881 IMG_3882 IMG_3883 IMG_3884 IMG_3885 IMG_3886DSCN0359 intaf  uniform 2 Intaf Horse Troop Mt Darwin small intaf keep 3 intaf one Orbat Intaf small b 11160565_1008240919187429_6608870374560681174_n


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