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CHIBAYA MOYO: An Anthology 1965-1981

The time has come for a revived and concerted effort to sell the remaining copies of this book ex-UK stocks and via our publisher in Pinetown, South Africa: 30 Degrees South.

I take this opportunity, on behalf of the RAR-RA, to sincerely thank all of our friends who have purchased a copy thus far and to encourage those who have not, to do so. I have set up a FaceBook page entitled ‘Chibaya Moyo-Readers Reviews’ that I encourage you to read as it may motivate you to purchase a copy.

Allow me to remind everyone that the proceeds from the sale of this book will accrue, in their entirety, to the brave African soldiers of the The Rhodesian African Rifles who have fallen upon hard times, are in ill health or unable to fend for themselves or their families.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we appeal to your sense of decency and compassion to support this worthy endeavour. Let us not forget that these outstanding, loyal and gallant men (and their families) paid a pitiful price in the name of our Country. They stood up for us once and now we too should stand up for them and do so proudly and without hesitation.

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Pricing below is for the first 500 copies held by our publisher for South African and regional sales. Thereafter, prices on request. 30° South Publishers (Pty) Ltd. Head Office: Pinetown Printers, 16 Ivy Road, Pinetown, 3610. Orders to be placed through:
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Thank you my good friends and God bless you all.


Selous Scouts 4.5 MAP TCV


Here are photos of the Selous Scouts version of the 4.5 MAP TCV.

Many of these photos are from Op Miracle so you can see the diversity of vehicles used, but the Selous Scouts were using more and more 4.5 MAPs for better protection.

These are mainly photos from Op Miracle 1979, and as you can see the mobile column was quite large. The variety of vehicles are quite staggering as well. 2.5, Pigs, Crocodile, 4.5 MAP, 7.5 MAP, also Puma with Eland 90s,. Also the artillery were towed in by 7.5 MAP. There were also scorpion mortar carriers involved and it has been mentioned Eland 60s. The photos with the building is Madisson Square where they must have reorged after the operation on the return to Rhodesia. There are photos in another book where the RLI are using Puma as well. Will try and get my head around all this one day, as I do not believe there has been a complete description of the column done yet. Units involved Selous Scouts, RLI, RhACR, RhA,

army vehicles 1 army vehicles 2 Convoy[1] 10361409_476549742490683_5434940912548467549_n

4.5 MAP DRAWINGS 10301537_476549689157355_7217263879712277355_n 10307215_476550019157322_4835652038926500322_n 10365725_476549622490695_4454780369574585158_n 10355372_476550072490650_4446194443020856709_n 10345753_476549669157357_4638620790530330374_n 10336619_476550112490646_8958438424010294707_n 10310546_476549712490686_8399902540122933347_n 10376324_476549565824034_1229656325785925692_n 10389978_476550085823982_4591337146663988770_n 10391031_476549545824036_2995494683624150102_n OP MIRACLE 79 scouts op miracle 10361409_476549742490683_5434940912548467549_n Convoy[1] 11836780_735609609918027_3960691816806491138_n

21703_10205287104271083_428520812793220303_n 1545182_394342887378036_123390063_n[1] Gairezi-Crossing 10307177_476550035823987_2680365516114065472_n Madison-Square[1]

4.5 MAP TCV (Mine Ambush Protected, Troop Carrying Vehicle)


Thought I would post some photos of the Rhodesian 4.5 MAP TCV. Issued to most army units towards the end of the war.

The Selous Scouts also used these vehicles on external operations towards the end of the war. This gave them a high level of Mine and Ambush Protection.

These are for Antonio so that he can sculpt his next excellent 20mm Rhodesian Bush War vehicle.

1148810_600232913350557_1927101962_n[1] 5555755363_ca4b442da4_z[1] 4.5 MAP TCV front left 4.5 MAP TCV front right 4.5 MAP TCV rear 4.5 MAP TCV side view detail 4.5 MAP TCV side view 11147138_735609589918029_5170810287168681024_n 11796356_735609563251365_1762240796551398054_n 11800467_735609523251369_153192520592060948_n 11836780_735609609918027_3960691816806491138_n 4.5 MAP DRAWINGS



António Brás Nunes has done it again. He has produced the Selous Scouts pigs used on numerous external operations into Mozambique against ZANLA bases and camps.

Also included is a Rhodesian SAS ambush protected Unimog. The SAS PIG is mounted with 12,7 HMGs. I actually have two of these vehicles but I believe there was only one ever produced. A what if scenario!

Note SAS vehicles were usually used with Rhodesian camouflage.

The vehicles are resin with metal parts and fit together very easily with a rapid epoxy resin glue.

It is a shame we have not yet got the SAS ‘Hot Lips’ which was the other Rhodesian ambush protected vehicle used on externals and operations in general. I believe there were two of them.

The Selous Scouts PIG which were two in number were used to lead external column operations to deflect RPG 7 and 75mm RL or B10 RL fire.

One was mounted with a home produced 20mm cannon from ex Vampire weapon stokes.

The second vehicle was mounted with twin 50 cal Brownings. Note both vehicles also had two MAGs mounted.

Anyway well done Antonio and Shaun at S & S Models for producing these excellent vehicles. A must for any Rhodesian Bush War gamer operating in 20mm and wants to do external raids

IMG_3896 IMG_3897 IMG_3898 IMG_3900 IMG_3902 IMG_3904 IMG_3905 IMG_3906 IMG_3907 IMG_3909 IMG_3910 IMG_3911 IMG_3912 IMG_3913.

81mm Mortar Carrier, Scorpion.


Towards the end of the Rhodesian war Scorpion 81mm Mortar carriers were issued to all the battalions to give mobile support and to defeat Soviet Green Archer counter battery equipment which had been issued to FRELIMO.

The mortar was mounted on a concrete rotating base which meant the weapon could fire in any direction and adjust rapidly.

20mm models by S & S MODELS


Selous Scouts vehicles on external ops painted their vehicles an overall green colour. See previous articles.

Rhodesian Army Camouflage.

To complete I spray painted overall with black or dark grey primer and then painted in Rhodesian Army colours.

Dark green created by mixing Humbrol 76 uniform green,  Humbrol 75 bronz green and humbrol 89 light blue.

The ochre colour was created by using Humbrol 83.

Dry brush Humbrol 62 for dirt and rust.

Humbrol 28 to dry brush highlights.

81mm mortar carriers, Scorpion.


As I did not have 75 I used humbrol 30 instead

Ochre I used a new colour humbrol 225.

Crew Figures

These can be provided by S & S Models.

Underfire Miniatures are just about to release RAR 81mm Mortar Men.

IMG_3887 IMG_3888 IMG_3889 IMG_3890 IMG_3891 IMG_3892 IMG_3893