81mm Mortar Carrier, Scorpion.


Towards the end of the Rhodesian war Scorpion 81mm Mortar carriers were issued to all the battalions to give mobile support and to defeat Soviet Green Archer counter battery equipment which had been issued to FRELIMO.

The mortar was mounted on a concrete rotating base which meant the weapon could fire in any direction and adjust rapidly.

20mm models by S & S MODELS


Selous Scouts vehicles on external ops painted their vehicles an overall green colour. See previous articles.

Rhodesian Army Camouflage.

To complete I spray painted overall with black or dark grey primer and then painted in Rhodesian Army colours.

Dark green created by mixing Humbrol 76 uniform green,  Humbrol 75 bronz green and humbrol 89 light blue.

The ochre colour was created by using Humbrol 83.

Dry brush Humbrol 62 for dirt and rust.

Humbrol 28 to dry brush highlights.

81mm mortar carriers, Scorpion.


As I did not have 75 I used humbrol 30 instead

Ochre I used a new colour humbrol 225.

Crew Figures

These can be provided by S & S Models.

Underfire Miniatures are just about to release RAR 81mm Mortar Men.

IMG_3887 IMG_3888 IMG_3889 IMG_3890 IMG_3891 IMG_3892 IMG_3893


6 thoughts on “81mm Mortar Carrier, Scorpion.

    • Hi Pete Plain if they are going external with Selous Scouts flying columns.
      I do have photos of the Op Miracle column (External operation) forming up for the return and many RhACR and RLI vehicles were in original two tone cammo.

      You will have to get more as they usually operated in pairs or 4s.
      All the best

      John Hop

  1. Antonio
    I have to congratulate you on a great sculpt. Scorpions look brilliant.
    I am looking forward to the Puma coming out next.

    Then when you have time a Merc 4.5 GS with roll bars for trooping, MAP TCV 4.5 and MAP TCV 7.5. All a must for the Bush War.

    Anyway well done and it is a great model.

    I will be making my pigs next.

    All the best John Hop

  2. Hi Pete I have just been in touch with Mike Jones OC 106mm A/T Platoon Sp Coy 1RAR so I am trying to get more details from him re TOEs for Sp Coy.

    Was debating to make up Sp Coy but it is a lot of vehicles.

    Bit of over kill for a war game!

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