4.5 MAP TCV (Mine Ambush Protected, Troop Carrying Vehicle)


Thought I would post some photos of the Rhodesian 4.5 MAP TCV. Issued to most army units towards the end of the war.

The Selous Scouts also used these vehicles on external operations towards the end of the war. This gave them a high level of Mine and Ambush Protection.

These are for Antonio so that he can sculpt his next excellent 20mm Rhodesian Bush War vehicle.

1148810_600232913350557_1927101962_n[1] 5555755363_ca4b442da4_z[1] 4.5 MAP TCV front left 4.5 MAP TCV front right 4.5 MAP TCV rear 4.5 MAP TCV side view detail 4.5 MAP TCV side view 11147138_735609589918029_5170810287168681024_n 11796356_735609563251365_1762240796551398054_n 11800467_735609523251369_153192520592060948_n 11836780_735609609918027_3960691816806491138_n 4.5 MAP DRAWINGS


4 thoughts on “4.5 MAP TCV (Mine Ambush Protected, Troop Carrying Vehicle)

  1. António Nunes

    Thanks John. Very good photos. Ok, next project are the MAP 4.5 and the crocodile brother the MAP 7.5.
    After this i gonna try to so the Mercedes cab because whe use them on Portuguese Army in África.

    • Thats great news Antonio, keep up the excellent work mate. In A Coy 1 RAR Company HQ had 1 MAP 4.5, and MAP 7.5 . Each of the 3 platoons had X2 MAP 7.5 each. Every vehicle had a trailer and also some water and fuel bowsers. x2 Merc 4.5 GS trucks with 4 wheel trailers and x2 Unimog 2.5 utility vehicles. There is an accurate list in the blog some where.

  2. Paul Napier

    What is the role of the 45 in the first photo? It appears to have armoured closed in sides and a canvas roof – I assume its a command vehicle?

    • Hi Paul Apologies not to have answered you sooner. Yes this vehicle was completly covered in. Interior was painted white. This was our command vehicle for A Coy 1 RAR, so it carried radios , map boards etc etc. I never did take a photo of the inside. John Hop

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