Pookie Mine Detection Vehicle


Thought I would post an assorted series of photos of the Pookie Mine Detection Vehicle. A first in its time and the forunner of the modern versions now used in Afghanistan and Iraq. Note the trailer which would be towed behind a Crocodile MAP (Mine and Ambush Protected) vehicle.

The Pookie was a Rhodesian design but later the South Africans helped with more sophisticated detection systems. Note the detection panniers went from round to a flat shape.

With a one man compartment only one driver ever lost his life to an RPG7 strike.

10302242_476349375844053_6184227601967776642_n original[1] pookie_mine_detector_1_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_3_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_4_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_5_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_6_of_8[1] pookie_mine_detector_7_of_8[1] PookieBaxter%20(6)[1] 1512471_394359584043033_1573265037_n[1] 10302242_476349375844053_6184227601967776642_n 10338816_476349345844056_46266946277523091_n