Rhodesian Air Force Para Dac


Well this Christmas I have had a chance to build a 1/72 Rhodesian Para Dac as used in Fire Force for Paratrooping and deploying my RAR Paratroopers.

Using the Italieri kit illustrated provides you with the pair of long antenna needed for the top of the Dac.

I have added Zoot tubes under the wings by adding plastic rod.


Original colours were Dark Earth, Dark Green but as can be seen, by the end of the war a much lighter colour scheme was added to cut down heat and a signature for SAM 7 missiles (Strella).

No two Dacs were the same from the photographic evidence I have managed to find. I have thus put together a general scheme from what I could find and as close to the colours as I could.

Second to the Rhodesian Light Infantry the Rhodesian African Rifles hold the record for most Military Parachute Operations in military history. It was not uncommon for RLI and RAR paratroopers to jump three times in a day during operations. All jumps were done at 500 – 400 feet to avoid enemy fire.


A Dac would nomally carry 4 sticks of RAR paratroopers (16 men in all), with two ‘wankers’ who dropped carrying spare radio, batteries and kit and collected the chutes. There were also two dispatchers with the pilot and copilot.



7 thoughts on “Rhodesian Air Force Para Dac

  1. Hey, Small Welsh Person, this is a voice from your past. Not to worry though, as I recall you don’t owe me any money. So, just where is the figurine of that tall, ruggedly handsome American guy who mentored your young self in the ways of war and such? (And who warned you that “Marathon” was a Greek word meaning “Immense Pain”) Saving the best for last?

    Oh well….good to know you made it out whole and intact. Drop me a line and I’ll bore you to tears with stories that start off; “And after I got thrown out of that country I went to….”

    Anyhow, Happy New Year kid.

    Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara.

    • Well blow me down ‘Chomps’. Never expected to hear from you shamwari! We were all hoping you survived the South West mate! I still have your ‘Rangers’ shoulder flash which you presented to me on leaving Zim. A lot of the gang are hear in the UK and in contact with a lot of other RAR guys across the world. Check out Rhodesian African Rifles (RAR) facebook site. My e-mail johnwynnehopkins@gmail.com
      Tony Husher in Nairobi and not to well at the moment. We lost Ron Revell some years ago as well as Ray Stocker. Tonks Jones died recently of cancer so been quite an upsetting period as far as the guys are concerned. Chris Vincent 2 RAR has also got cancer. E-mail me and we can catch up and tell you about every one else. All the best John Hop
      house phone 441554 750761.

  2. Paul Napier

    Excellent reference material. Several pictures are new to me. I assume the second to last port side picture was actually taken in Zimbabwe era as no exhaust shields are fitted and the aircraft carries a number (11) on crew door.

    • Hi Paul yes some of those photos were taken when it was Air Force of Zimbabwe but the Dacs were still in their original cammo. As you say the Zoot tubers had been removed. Old Dac pilot friend of mine John Ferry used to call them by that name. No idea why.

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