G-car – Eureka 28mm model details


I have nearly completed my Eureka 28mm model of the Rhodesian Air Force G-car.

Note safety rail near rear tail rota is actually yellow and green.

Tips of main rota are red.

I still have the main rotas. antenna and red light on top of cab to put on.

I have added a number of detail photos which you might find of interest. Also included is the AVTUR barrels used to refuel G-cars in the field. These could also come in red but stick with the grey version.

Humbrol paints:- Dark Earth and Dark Green are the main colours. I added a little dark earth and a touch matt black to the Dark Green. If you want to lighten just add a touch of matt white.


3 thoughts on “G-car – Eureka 28mm model details

  1. Paul Napier

    You don’t happened to have an uncropped version of the Alouette photo that shows all the Unimog fire appliance as I beed trying to locate a photo of front of a Rhodesian one for ages.

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