I have just started up grading my G-car sticks to RAR troops and changing  to the appropriate poses for trooping in helicopters.

Hats removed and in stuffed in shirts.

Weapons in laps pointing out of the helicopter.

Stick leader with head set on to listen to pilot and the talk on to the target. Also a tele hand attached to left side of webbing, high so that stick leader only had to angle head and using left hand to press pressel switch to listen to transmissions. The stick leader could still use his FN in his right hand while using his radio. Both were made and shaped from milliput.

RAR usually wore full kit so all wearing trousers. A blob of resin glue to create trousers bottoms.

My spare African heads put on the new figures

I will have to buy extra packs of G-car crews but I will use my extra MAG Gunners as per the latest lists.


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