G-car crew and cab detailing


Eureka 28mm G-car model.

As mentioned earlier I am doing these G-cars in their last format with twin brownings and front seats removed and replaced with light weight bench facing backwards.

Bench made from spare resin bench cut in half and backed with plastic card and glued into place.

The crew wear one piece flight suites which came in the plain light green colour or in Rhodesian camouflage. Much favoured by Rhodesian paratroopers.but some crew would wear shorts and Rhodesian camouflage combat jacket and trousers and others would wear shirts and shorts.

Kosta an opportunity to do a crew variation by doing bare legs for Tech air gunner.

Note I have added miliput to Tech to show body armour.

Note mix of colours on crew unifoms. See photographs.

Black and white photos show an earlier G-car with single browning or MAG mounts but demonstrates crew uniforms of the period. This is an RAR Fire Force with African troops shown. Other photo of swarm shows late crews preparing.




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