RAR 1st Wave Sticks Completed


I have now completed my three 1st Wave sticks for an RAR Fire Force.

Eureka 28mm figures

Still need to add telehands to the two African stick leaders. Telehands high on left shoulder.

Any spare figures left over from my packs will be converted to make troops for the back of my vehicles. Pilots will make good vehicle riders once head changed, joy stick removed and an MAG or FN in the shoulder.

Jumbo Fire Force.

With the advent of Jumbo Fire Forces in 1979 three extra G-cars or two SAAF Puma helicopters created extra 1st Wave capability. This had come about because of the deployment of AB 205s (Cheetah) in the Special Forces roll thus freeing up more G-cars. SA also made Puma helicopters available during this period. SA Forces by deploying parabats and SAAF, in one way learned from Rhodesia experience in the field.

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