Creating the Bundu.


I have dug out an old rock outcrop I made many years ago out of clay, and painted it.

I have resurrected old acacia trees which I made out of wire lengths and modrock wrapped round the trunks and branches. I have pulled apart kitchen scourers and with PVA glue, glued flock to the scourers to make the foliage of the tree.

Hills and ridges are made of polystyrene, painted with burnt umber acrylic and then glued with PVA and various scatter applied. Included sand from the beach. I found there was no need for painting and dry brushing.

At the moment a load of polystyrene ridges and hills are drying. These will give me ground features on my battle field which was the Rhodesian Bundu.

I also made a Baobab tree but would like to improve on it.

I also have an old Kraal in a box so this will add to the scene.

Dirt roads and dry rivers are the next items to be made.


8 thoughts on “Creating the Bundu.

    • Hi Jim thanks but I am pretty busy with my military, aviation and landscape painting. Just about to order a batch from a company in London. Will try and make a few more to create a bit of variety. All the best John Hop

  1. Hi Pete yes I am trying to put some ideas forward for creating a more Bundu looking table set up. Once I complete this and get my head round the rule books I intend having my first Fire Force operation. All the best John Hop

  2. happywanderer

    Hi John,

    To long since we’ve chatted…

    Very nice acacias. I particularly like the way the scouring pads give that ‘flat’ look. I might have a go at that!

    I just posted on my blog some easy order of the internet types that might be useful for variation…they are cheap as chips.

    I’m going to need them for the Bush War, Matabele War and beyond 😉

    Have a peek here….

    “Once I complete this and get my head round the rule books”
    ..what rule book?


    • Hi Rolf glad to hear from you mate! Yes interested in any tips! Looking forward to the rule book. I think I might have to consider doing Matabele war as well as the Rhodesia Native Regiment in East Africa in 1916. Need good Askari figures that I can change to RNR. They wore bush hats, slouch hats unlike the KAR and othe African regiments. Your blog site is outstanding realy enjoyed it. All the best John Hop

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