More Bundu!


I bought a welcome mat today but it says it in Welsh. Will cut this up to make patches of grass for my battle field.

Also bought more scouring pads to make more acacia trees.

I have also had some pieces of framing backing cardboard  from my framer today which I will use to make the tracks and river beds, bu painting with burnt umber acrylics and then glueing sand and scatter on them. Must visit the beach tomorrow to collect more.

Will also be ordering 15 acacia tress but may make some more my self. 4D which is based in London.

I PVA glued my acacia trees to cardboard to give them more stability. Must blue sand and scatter to those next.

Found some excellent stone chippings in the garden today and have cleaned them , ready to glue to the scenery.




7 thoughts on “More Bundu!

  1. Paul Napier

    Great trees. The time making prototypical trees is worth the effort. I find dried Yarrow and Autumn Glory sedum make good African trees. See photo at this link

  2. Jim

    Hi John,
    The Bundu scenery is amazing.
    Could you give me a piece of advice regarding the trees.
    I checked the 4D models site and saw the umbrella acacia trees. They appear to be 40mm in size. Is that sufficient size to use with 20mm figures and vehicles.
    Any advice appreciated.


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