War Games Rules


Man Among Men is a 52 page supplement for gaming the Rhodesian Bush War, in anything from 15mm to 28mm. It is designed to be used with Seek Out Close With and Destroy, as part of the Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers system. Included are platoon lists, vehicles, artillery, and aircraft as appropriate for the Rhodesian Security Forces, ZANLA, ZIPRA, and FRELIMO.

I found I had to buy all three books to get the full detail rules and the Rhodesian supplement is very good.

Still trying to get my head round all the detail in the rules but I suppose that will come with time.

I have tape measures, coloured counters as detailed, 10 sided average dice, so I think I am ready to have my first Fire Force action.



Willard ‘Chomps’ Fleetwood


‘Chomps’ could not find your email. my e-mail johnwynnehopkins@gmail.com

Some photos of you in RAR.

Note the figure is 28mm by Eureka miniatures and is based on you but I have put a floppy on the figure.

Contact me when you can.


Bundu wargames table


Well I have now started to lay out my table and it is now nearly good enough to start operations.

I have my rules not that I quite understand them yet. I also have my coloured plastic counters and markers. I have tape measures blue for own forces and red for enemy forces.I also have average dice.

I do need to make some large dust clouds from helicopters landing. G-cars would land to imitate dropping troops when in essence they were herding the Gooks towards the Stop Groups.

I have utilized my NW European bocage trees for the river banks which actually do not look out of place.

Looking at the table the main escape routes for the Gooks would be the river beds and banks and dongas (stream beds or gulleys) leading off the river. I need to get more lichen to put along these rivers and streams for cover.

First action will be a Fireforce action.

Late war RAR with A76


I recently bought a batch of pin vice sets  1,2, 3, & 4mm sets to take my very small drill bits to make holes in the A76 small means radios of my stick leaders.

A bit of fine fuse wire and some araldite epoxy glue fixed them in place in the holes. Mt RAR stick leaders now have coms.

Humbrol 117 Soviet Green put them in a reasonably  correct colour.

Dirt roads and scenery.


Dirt roads were created using modelling board and cutting to a width that would suite 20mm and 28mm vehicles.

I glued strips to the edges of the dirt tracks using PVA. PVA glue was then spread thinly over the board. Then using Diall filler I created a central ridge and covered the rest liberally with filler.

All were painted with a mix of Burnt umber and white acrylic paint.

Once all this was dry natural beach sand and various PECO scenic scatter was spread on the glued areas leaving gaps for the electrostatic grass.

Once this was all dry, the grass was then applied to the dirt track.

Ant Hills and scenery.


With all the small bits of modelling board that I had left over and cluttering the table, I decided to make ant hills to add to the bundu.

Using modelling board of a standard width I decided to make dirt tracks for my 20mm and 28mm vehicles.

Plenty of acrylic undercoat and then various scatter and even some coloured saw dust helped to make the set up.