Bundu wargames table


Well I have now started to lay out my table and it is now nearly good enough to start operations.

I have my rules not that I quite understand them yet. I also have my coloured plastic counters and markers. I have tape measures blue for own forces and red for enemy forces.I also have average dice.

I do need to make some large dust clouds from helicopters landing. G-cars would land to imitate dropping troops when in essence they were herding the Gooks towards the Stop Groups.

I have utilized my NW European bocage trees for the river banks which actually do not look out of place.

Looking at the table the main escape routes for the Gooks would be the river beds and banks and dongas (stream beds or gulleys) leading off the river. I need to get more lichen to put along these rivers and streams for cover.

First action will be a Fireforce action.


6 thoughts on “Bundu wargames table

  1. ‘Force on Force’ is a good system but the rulebook is begging to be tidyied up into a second edition.

    Not played ‘Men of Men but I have run some good RBW games using the Two Hour Wargames’ ‘Chain Reaction’ set that you can get for free.

    That said I’ve also recently picked up the Osprey ‘Black Ops’, only played two game so far but it is an excellent system and would work well for Rhodesia. For a small infantry only game they’d be my recommendation.



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