War Games Rules


Man Among Men is a 52 page supplement for gaming the Rhodesian Bush War, in anything from 15mm to 28mm. It is designed to be used with Seek Out Close With and Destroy, as part of the Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers system. Included are platoon lists, vehicles, artillery, and aircraft as appropriate for the Rhodesian Security Forces, ZANLA, ZIPRA, and FRELIMO.

I found I had to buy all three books to get the full detail rules and the Rhodesian supplement is very good.

Still trying to get my head round all the detail in the rules but I suppose that will come with time.

I have tape measures, coloured counters as detailed, 10 sided average dice, so I think I am ready to have my first Fire Force action.



2 thoughts on “War Games Rules

  1. Arlequín

    John, I think you’ll be surprised just how quickly you will pick things up once you start. Just reading through is harder than reading and doing… So grab a handful of figures and try them out one rule section at a time.

    Good luck!


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