Just recieved these vehicles from David Freemantle in Australia. Think they are 1.50 scale so close enough to my 28mm BSAP figures.

MAP single cab Puma.


Mine protected Land Rover.

Great models made by David.

I am now going to think up my next scenario, using these vehicles and my BSAP police figures.


14 thoughts on “BSAP MODEL VEHICLES

  1. Dear Vivak9. Glad to hear the blog is helping with your Rhodesian Bush War wargames. Try David Freemantle in Australia who does my 1/56 scale vehicles. I have put his email address in a number of my blogs. I will dig it out and re post it for you. I am just about to order more from him. Saw your wargames site and you are doing excellent games. Keep up the good work.
    All the best John Hop

    • We just played a large Rhodesian game. I posted 30 pictures for a play by play narrative on my I would like to link to these as well as post some pictures posed to show the paintjobs and buildings. Is that appropriate here, and if so how ? 🙂

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