Just made up a 1/72 scale Ural 375 GS truck as used by FRELIMO and ZANLA in Mozambique during the bush war. This vehicle was also used in large numbers by ZIPRA in Zambia.

I hope to create ambush situations for the Rhodesian SAS operating deep inside Mozambique during the Macombe Days operations.

Some while back I managed to buy a batch of Ural-375 trucks 1/72 scale models by ICM.

S & S Models

I also ordered a number of of Fabbri 1/72 diecast Ural 375s from S & S MODELS in the UK. These are the BM21 MLRS rocket launcher version which with a bit of cutting can be converted to a GS truck or you can order the office body from S & S Models.

Managed to get my hands on a batch of these from S & S Models so will be converting more in the future. They are out of stock at the moment but hopefully will get more in.

Info from S & S MODELS

This special offer contains the Fabbri Ural 375 bm21 mlrs and the office body conversion kit.

Please note:-

You will need a hacksaw to cut the mlrs body from the cab as it is a metal diecast part cast with the cab, it is not too hard a job but you will

need to pack the cab bottom out to fat it back to the chassis!


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