IDF – M48A2C


Just completed a company of Pattons of the Israeli Defence Forces for the 1967 war. This is the early version armed with the 90mm main gun.

Using SHQ and Sgts Mess stowage items I was able to get the spec correct for these early versions.Managed to pick up more in the Crusader 17 war games show in Penarth yesterday.

I also used fine miliput to produce the cammo netting rolls stored in the stowage racks at the rear of the turret. I also attached an extra jerry can on the right rear side of turret. Note track links and tools added from SHQ etc.

I am still trying to get my head round the Israeli way of markings but I am getting there. Trying to work out what the company commander and 2 i/c would be?


IDF -1967 colours.


I recently found that I had run out of my White Ensign paints for Israeli Sand Grey ARI01. Subsequently I was able to get these paints from Sovereign Hobbies and they are now sold under the title Colourcoats ARI01.

Also shown all the stowage I am using on my half tracks, SP artillery and tanks which are provided by Perry Miniatures (WWII 28mm back packs) which are great for the large storage packs used by the IDF. Also various stowage by Sgts Mess, Milicast, SHQ Miniatures.

I am concentrating on the 1967 war as it has become quite impossible to cope doing all the wars and on going terrorist incursions. 1967 I find interesting as it was that transition for the IDF from WWII equipment to modern equipment.

IDF Half Track conversions by S&S Models


I just found these conversions for the Plastic Soldier Company halftracks to create Israeli infantry halftrack, maintenance and 120mm mortar carrier. Great stuff but I cant see them on the S&S website so I suppose you will have to email Shaun.

S&S also do various Rhodesian vehicles as well as other nations which can be used for Rhodesia Bush War.



Rhodesian Artillery Figures


I thought I would repeat this article from March 2015 for those interested in RhA.



The Rhodesian Artillery armed with the old but effective 25pdr medium artillery piece was an extremely effective unit in its prime roll of providing support fire. In the counter insurgency roll the artillery troops would perform their prime roll in counter battery fire on the borders of Rhodesia with Mozambique, but on other occasions would take part in ground coverage operations, patrolling, follow ups and also in the Fire Force roll when needed.

Artillery would also be used to destroy Terr camps if Fire Force. air or ground forces were not available. They could also bracket infiltration groups as they moved in country. This was extremely unnerving for the terrs who were being spotted by OPs.

The RhA used many different prime movers during the war including the Ford F250 and later the Mercedes 4.5 GS truck, and later in the war MAP vehicles such as the MAP 7.5 TCV, configured for artillery use. On Operation Miracle a detachment of guns were deployed into Mozambique, firing from Maddison Square to support the assaulting troops on Mount Casino. These guns were towed by MAP 7.5s.

I created my crews from AB Figures 20mm American WWII 105mm Artillerys crews mixed with the Esci 1/72 27pdr kit with 8th Army artillery figures. This gave me a mix of figures with shorts and some with helmets etc. I swopped heads by taking combat cap heads from some of my spare 20mm RAR Underfire Miniatures Figures. Any helmets were put on the headless RAR figures. There are also spare heads which can be purchased from Dan Taylor Models.

My 20mm Artillery pieces are from the old Skytrex (metal) range now re-released by another company (Shell Hole Scenics) htp:// I will also be making up the Esci 25pdrs I have.

A set of photos of Op Miracle from John Frame. Shows the guns operating in Mozambique.



I found these on the Rhodesian Artillery Facebook site and Mike Paterson kindly said I could post the photos on behalf of the Rhodesian Artillery Facebook site.

“Hi John, I just posted these on behalf of someone else who isn’t on Facebook, but unless someone hereabouts objects, I don’t see any problems. Please don’t credit me, just acknowledge Rhodesia Artillery Facebook group. Re the shells. Yellow are high explosive (HE) and green (I’m told) are smoke”.

Most of these photos are from February 1977 to 1978 and shows a gun crew in typical dress for the period.

I have just ordered another set of metal 25pdr artillery pieces from Shell Hole Scenics These models were originally from the Skytrex range but shellhole have improved on them. Very clean models and easy to build. Infact I have bought a batch for my 1967 IDF artillery.

As I have explained in previous articles the guns were extremely accurate.



Since the recent debacle by America in the UN I decided to change some of my RAR figures into Israeli Defence Forces infantry. Much of Rhodesia’s equipment was very similar to the Israeli’s so by cutting off the sleeping bag on a figure and adding a new head from Airfix Paratrooper figures box I was able to create a new series of Israeli figures for my IDF collection.

The PATU stick by Underfire Miniatures provides an excellent number of figures with Uzi and no sleeping bags. I shall be ordering more of those for this job.

The RAR 81mm Mortar team will be the next to be changed over.

Also included are all my various vehicles especially IDF Half Tracks from various manufacturers with the appropriate additions. Plastic Model Soldier come with three in a box which are excellent.

Cpl Overby in America provided me with various versions of the M50 and M51 and I am now toying with the early cast hull version to create the M1 super sherman (76.2mm main gun) as provided by the French as these were used during the 1967 war.

War Master die cast provided me with a late version of the M51.

RH Models over the years provided an early version of the M51 and also modern jeeps for RECCE and 106mm RCL.  I also believe they provided an AMX 13 but I only have 4 of those so will have to see if they will make another batch for me.

Centurian  meteor engined tanks were provided by Airfix and a number of die cast manufacturers.

Also MMS, Milicast and other plastic manufacturers have provided me with varios soft skin vehicles.

East Riding Miniatures have provided me with the old Liberation  Figures of IDF Infantry which when painted up make for a good set up mixed with my conversions.

More details to follow as I rebuild my IDF with Underfire Miniatures.