Since the recent debacle by America in the UN I decided to change some of my RAR figures into Israeli Defence Forces infantry. Much of Rhodesia’s equipment was very similar to the Israeli’s so by cutting off the sleeping bag on a figure and adding a new head from Airfix Paratrooper figures box I was able to create a new series of Israeli figures for my IDF collection.

The PATU stick by Underfire Miniatures provides an excellent number of figures with Uzi and no sleeping bags. I shall be ordering more of those for this job.

The RAR 81mm Mortar team will be the next to be changed over.

Also included are all my various vehicles especially IDF Half Tracks from various manufacturers with the appropriate additions. Plastic Model Soldier come with three in a box which are excellent.

Cpl Overby in America provided me with various versions of the M50 and M51 and I am now toying with the early cast hull version to create the M1 super sherman (76.2mm main gun) as provided by the French as these were used during the 1967 war.

War Master die cast provided me with a late version of the M51.

RH Models over the years provided an early version of the M51 and also modern jeeps for RECCE and 106mm RCL.  I also believe they provided an AMX 13 but I only have 4 of those so will have to see if they will make another batch for me.

Centurian  meteor engined tanks were provided by Airfix and a number of die cast manufacturers.

Also MMS, Milicast and other plastic manufacturers have provided me with varios soft skin vehicles.

East Riding Miniatures have provided me with the old Liberation  Figures of IDF Infantry which when painted up make for a good set up mixed with my conversions.

More details to follow as I rebuild my IDF with Underfire Miniatures.





  1. Thanks Pete I have emailed Shaun but heard nothing as yet. Buts thanks for the heads up! I will get some of those. I am completing my IDF forces for 1967. Just made 4 Half Tracks with the anti tank gun so pleased with those. Would assume their Support Company would have 8 of those in the A/TK platoon. John Hop

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