Rhodesian Artillery Figures


I thought I would repeat this article from March 2015 for those interested in RhA.



The Rhodesian Artillery armed with the old but effective 25pdr medium artillery piece was an extremely effective unit in its prime roll of providing support fire. In the counter insurgency roll the artillery troops would perform their prime roll in counter battery fire on the borders of Rhodesia with Mozambique, but on other occasions would take part in ground coverage operations, patrolling, follow ups and also in the Fire Force roll when needed.

Artillery would also be used to destroy Terr camps if Fire Force. air or ground forces were not available. They could also bracket infiltration groups as they moved in country. This was extremely unnerving for the terrs who were being spotted by OPs.

The RhA used many different prime movers during the war including the Ford F250 and later the Mercedes 4.5 GS truck, and later in the war MAP vehicles such as the MAP 7.5 TCV, configured for artillery use. On Operation Miracle a detachment of guns were deployed into Mozambique, firing from Maddison Square to support the assaulting troops on Mount Casino. These guns were towed by MAP 7.5s.

I created my crews from AB Figures 20mm American WWII 105mm Artillerys crews mixed with the Esci 1/72 27pdr kit with 8th Army artillery figures. This gave me a mix of figures with shorts and some with helmets etc. I swopped heads by taking combat cap heads from some of my spare 20mm RAR Underfire Miniatures Figures. Any helmets were put on the headless RAR figures. There are also spare heads which can be purchased from Dan Taylor Models.

My 20mm Artillery pieces are from the old Skytrex (metal) range now re-released by another company (Shell Hole Scenics) htp://www.the.shellhole.co.uk. I will also be making up the Esci 25pdrs I have.

A set of photos of Op Miracle from John Frame. Shows the guns operating in Mozambique.


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