IDF -1967 colours.


I recently found that I had run out of my White Ensign paints for Israeli Sand Grey ARI01. Subsequently I was able to get these paints from Sovereign Hobbies and they are now sold under the title Colourcoats ARI01.

Also shown all the stowage I am using on my half tracks, SP artillery and tanks which are provided by Perry Miniatures (WWII 28mm back packs) which are great for the large storage packs used by the IDF. Also various stowage by Sgts Mess, Milicast, SHQ Miniatures.

I am concentrating on the 1967 war as it has become quite impossible to cope doing all the wars and on going terrorist incursions. 1967 I find interesting as it was that transition for the IDF from WWII equipment to modern equipment.


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