IDF – M48A2C


Just completed a company of Pattons of the Israeli Defence Forces for the 1967 war. This is the early version armed with the 90mm main gun.

Using SHQ and Sgts Mess stowage items I was able to get the spec correct for these early versions.Managed to pick up more in the Crusader 17 war games show in Penarth yesterday.

I also used fine miliput to produce the cammo netting rolls stored in the stowage racks at the rear of the turret. I also attached an extra jerry can on the right rear side of turret. Note track links and tools added from SHQ etc.

I am still trying to get my head round the Israeli way of markings but I am getting there. Trying to work out what the company commander and 2 i/c would be?


2 thoughts on “IDF – M48A2C

  1. Hi Pete Many thanks I think I will have to put them away for the week so I can get on with my military aviation paintings and landscape commissions. Hope you find the posts interesting as I never thought I would go back to the Arab Israeli Wars. I did some years ago start 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars but realized it was to much! Think I will just do 1967 which can then spill over in to 1973 Yomkipor War. Lol!

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