Elheim Figures 20mm


I have found numerous Elheim figures will do for Rhodesian Bush War troops and IDF -Israeli troops due to the fact they are armed with SLRs.

IDF Vehicle crews are great for Rhodesian Bush War and IDF 1967 War.

Also the NATO figures with skrim on their helmets will do for a ‘what if’ scenario if the Rhodesian Bush War had continued and we had seen full blown battle groups with armour entering Mozambique and Zambia. These NATO British figures with  skrim net helmets and slight adjustments would make perfect Rhodesian troops.

Stirling submachine guns can be cut away and replaced with FN/SLRs and I need to find a manufacturer doing 20mm uzi.

The NATO generic will do for IDF or helmeted Rhodesians. Could add sleeping bags but if RhSAS cut away kidney pouches and add bergens.


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