IDF M1 SHERMAN 1967 war


I have always wanted to make this M1 Sherman in IDF service for some time now but found that no one was making it in 20mm or 1/72 scale.

My resin kits from Cpl Overby in the USA had provided for my other types on M50 and M51 Israeli variants and wondered if I could make this tank from the early M50 hull and as it turned out Cpl Overby had a T23 turret with the 76.2mm gun with muzzle brake, so problem solved. I bought the necessary kits.

Making up my hulls and turrets I added an infantry telephone box on rear of hull also a side box on left side. Sgts mess provided 50cal machine gun on pintle which I moved forward.

I did not have enough track links to put as spares as per the original tank but can get these from my Italiere M48 boxes. To be added in the future. I have not added the two rails at the rear of the turret but may add in the future. Need to find the right sized plastic rod.

The tracks should come from other doner kits but I thought this excessively expensive so I molded my HVSS tracks. Not perfect but once painted they look ok.

I have painted them as per 1967 and the push into Jerusalem. Note grease bucket on front track guard.

I added AG Figures US WWII tank crews for the crews as they war that helmet at that time but could also add soviet soft helmeted crew as they also wore a cheq version of that tank helmet.

Anyway I think it fits the bill.



4 thoughts on “IDF M1 SHERMAN 1967 war

    • Hi Pete many thanks for my attempts at modeling Lol! There is a lot more detail I could have put on but it meant cannibalizing another kit or molding them. I am pleased with the result and now I have M1s. No I have never done bigger scales apart from when I need a specific vehicle for a painting I might be doing. So built very basicaly so that I can sketch.

      • Hey John…..
        I just found this “today”….
        I see other parts that you need….
        had I know exactly what you need…..
        I would have “thrown them in”.
        (head lights, ball mount MG’s… etc.)
        I like how you solved the issue
        of needing “track Runs” for the tanks
        “Good For You!!!”
        BTW have to you seen my new
        Hasegawa Conversions for the M50 and the M51?

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