RhSAS Land Rover by S & S Models


Just found these on the S & S Models website and ordered 5. Will order 3 more in the coming weeks to create the 8 Land Rovers that went on Op Bastille to kill Nkomo in Lusaka.

The Land Rovers were painted in Zambian Army colours and the building and ZIPRA forces there were obliterated but Nkomo some how escaped assassination. This was done in retaliation for the shooting down of two Rhodesian Air Ways civilian airliners by Nkomo’s ZIPRA terrorists.

These vehicles were used in the early part of the war for patrolling and light duties but with the landmine threat they were mothballed until the operation I mentioned above.

This great model created by Antonio Bras Nunes is outstanding and in early Rhodesian Camouflage. The speckeled Zambian Camouflage was introduced for the operation.


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