RBW- Cockleshell Heroes


This was an operation deep in Mozambique where Rhodesian SAS used the islands in Lake Cabora Bassa as their LUPs. From there they attacked Frelimo and ZANLA bases deep inside this area of Mozambique, using Klepper canoes. They ambushed roads, attacked camps and mined roads causing total disruption in the area. This was a 6 week operation.

The 12 RhSAS were dressed in greens with combat caps large bergens x2 FNs with Trilux sights, x2 AKs, RPDs including 1 RPG7.

I am using my RAR Underfire Figures for the SAS but covering the kidney pouches and sleeping bag with a bergen made from green stuff. RhSAS did not nomaly have kidney pouches and sleeping bags on their webbing. Usually carried in bergens.

Also I have ordered Airfix Commando boxes for the Klepper canoes. 6 in all.

20mm RPDs and AKs were ordered from Sgts Mess figures and attached to the RAR figures with epoxy glue.

I will post more details about the operation in my next posting when figures etc are completed.


RBW-Operation Bastille


Working on my Rh SAS Land Rovers by S&S Models. Excellent 20mm Land Rovers designed by Antonio Nunes. They are painted in Zambian Cammouflage as the attack went into Lusaka the Zambian capital to kill Nkomo. I did post this as a previous post a bit back with a lot of detail about the operation and photographs. More to follow.

I am adding IDF vehicle crews from Elheim to beef up the crews provided by S&S Models. In all there were 7 Land Rovers on this operation but one broke down.

I will give more details of the operation at a later date when all is complete.

RBW-MPCV Sitrep.


Hot off the press by that outstanding model sculptor Antonio Nunes the master for the new MPCV is coming along nicely. The master will then be sent on to S&S Models and hopefully we will see it on the market quite soon.

RBW – MPCV (Mine Protected Combat Vehicle) ‘What if’.


As I am now producing a mechanized Battle Group for the ‘What if’ scenario in 1981 to counter the potential armoured thrusts by ZIPRA and FRELIMO in Mozambique.

The RhACR were already getting ready for armoured operations in 1980 by developing the MPCV (Mine Protected Combat Vehicle) which the RhACR mechanized Infantry would have manned in conjunction with Eland 90s and T54s.

13 MPCVs were issued to 1RAR (Rhodesian African Rifles in 1980 due to the threat of the 1st ZIPRA Mechanized Brigade in Matebeland just after independence. Also a number of Eland 90 Armoured cars were also attached to 1 RAR. C Coy 1RAR were to work in conjunction with the armoured cars using the MPCVs. The MPCVs even though not used during the RBW were to be used by 1RAR at Entumbane and then by the ZNA 1st Mechanized Battalion in Mozambique, I think the Congo and also as part of the UN contingent in Somalia.

These vehicles would have been part of any Battle Group in future operations if the war had continued.

Company B in America do a very good 28mm resin model of the MPCV but we still wait for a 20mm version of this interesting vehicle.


Rhodesian Bush War – ‘What if’ 1981 and on.


I have decided to paint up a series of figures as late Rhodesian Bush War troops in a ‘What if’ scenario if the war had gone on after 1980.

If the RBW had gone on it would have seen large bodies of Rhodesian troops with armour entering Zambia and Mozambique to seek out terrorist bases and destroying them. The Soviets and Chinese were arming these terrorists with huge amounts of arms. FRELIMO in Mozambique were effectively fighting with ZANLA.

What would have been seen was large battle groups entering these countries especially Mozambique as it was easier to enter that country as the Zambexzi was quite a difficult a obstacle to cross although there was the odd site which could be used.

One can imagine Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment T54s with MVCPs of their Mechanised Infantry attached with RhSAS and RLI troops taking part in large operations to clear Brigade targets such as Mapai.

In my scenario the RAR has formed with Eland 90 armoured cars, T54s plus Rhodesian Artillery attached with a Jumbo sized Fire Force supporting it during operations. Troops would be dressed for Classic or Conventional warfare. In 1980 1RAR formed a battle group to take on ZIPRA and obliterated the 1st ZIPRA Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

I bought the Elheim Figures 20mm of NATO troops and varients which can double for Rhodesian troops in helmets with scrim. I have changed the figures with Carl Gustavs and replaced them with RPG7. Also those figures with Sterling Sub Machine Guns I have replaced with FNs.

By the end of the war RAR patrols of 8 men were deploying with and RPG7 and 60mm commando mortar plus two MAG. I have transfered this to an RAR platoon thus giving these platoons a lot of fire power. The RAR had lagre stocks of MAGs, captured RPG7s and an abundance of 60mm commando mortars.

Next I must get S&S Models to produce the MAP 4.5 TCV, MAP 7.5 TCV and of course the MPCV to work with the tanks. Many of these vehicles were then used in operations by the ZNA in Mozambique and the Congo as well UN Peace Keeping duties in Somalia etc.

This will be an on going project.