RBW – MPCV (Mine Protected Combat Vehicle) ‘What if’.


As I am now producing a mechanized Battle Group for the ‘What if’ scenario in 1981 to counter the potential armoured thrusts by ZIPRA and FRELIMO in Mozambique.

The RhACR were already getting ready for armoured operations in 1980 by developing the MPCV (Mine Protected Combat Vehicle) which the RhACR mechanized Infantry would have manned in conjunction with Eland 90s and T54s.

13 MPCVs were issued to 1RAR (Rhodesian African Rifles in 1980 due to the threat of the 1st ZIPRA Mechanized Brigade in Matebeland just after independence. Also a number of Eland 90 Armoured cars were also attached to 1 RAR. C Coy 1RAR were to work in conjunction with the armoured cars using the MPCVs. The MPCVs even though not used during the RBW were to be used by 1RAR at Entumbane and then by the ZNA 1st Mechanized Battalion in Mozambique, I think the Congo and also as part of the UN contingent in Somalia.

These vehicles would have been part of any Battle Group in future operations if the war had continued.

Company B in America do a very good 28mm resin model of the MPCV but we still wait for a 20mm version of this interesting vehicle.



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