RBW- Cockleshell Heroes


This was an operation deep in Mozambique where Rhodesian SAS used the islands in Lake Cabora Bassa as their LUPs. From there they attacked Frelimo and ZANLA bases deep inside this area of Mozambique, using Klepper canoes. They ambushed roads, attacked camps and mined roads causing total disruption in the area. This was a 6 week operation.

The 12 RhSAS were dressed in greens with combat caps large bergens x2 FNs with Trilux sights, x2 AKs, RPDs including 1 RPG7.

I am using my RAR Underfire Figures for the SAS but covering the kidney pouches and sleeping bag with a bergen made from green stuff. RhSAS did not nomaly have kidney pouches and sleeping bags on their webbing. Usually carried in bergens.

Also I have ordered Airfix Commando boxes for the Klepper canoes. 6 in all.

20mm RPDs and AKs were ordered from Sgts Mess figures and attached to the RAR figures with epoxy glue.

I will post more details about the operation in my next posting when figures etc are completed.


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