RBW- ‘What if’ RAR


Using my Underfire 20mm RAR figures I have created some late war RAR with skrim helmets. The helmet heads came from Elheim figures spare heads series.

These figures can also be used for the ‘What if’ scenario if the war had continued.

SHQ miniatures provided the weapons packs RPG7.

On certain operations RAR did wear helmets especially external operations. On occasions the RAR would be used to cover RhSAS infiltration and exfiltration routes during RhSAS external operations.

You could add regulation issue packs with green stuff or for external operations bergens which were used by RAR troops to carry extra kit. They would put these packs or bergens on over the normal issue webbing and sleeping bag as per these figures by Underfire Miniatures.


2 thoughts on “RBW- ‘What if’ RAR

  1. Pete I think I went a bit over board, think I have two companies worth. LOl! I have also used Elheim NATO figures and mixed them in, as they look very similar. I am just waiting for S&S Models to produce the MAP 4.5 TCV and the MAP 7.5 TCV. Then I can put a late war Battle Group together. Working on Antonio Nunes and Shaun at S&S to produce them. Think I might introduce South African vehicles in the ‘What if’ scenario. Just ordered the 155mm Rhino.

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