The attempt to assassinate Joshua Inkomo leader of ZIPRA forces in Zambia.

I am experimenting with Underfire miniatures Syrian figures to see if with a bit of tweeking they may look like RhSAS on this op. i removed the Syrian Soviet helmet replacing it with an Elheim helmet. Using greenstuff I added webbing straps and pouches as well as chest rig.

All figures were painted as per previous Rhodesian camouflage figures.

Underfire now intend doing a batch of Rhodesian SAS figures which should be interesting.

Elheim have provided extra crew figures from their Isreali IDF vehicle crew range. Also I am adding weapons to these figures from the Sgts Mess range of weapons. FN, RPG, RPD and AK.

Each Land Rover had an RPG7 and there was a preponderance of RPD amongst the SAS operating that day from each vehicle. Each Land Rover also had two MAG. This provided a huge amount of fire power.




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