RBW-TAC HQ 2.5 vehicle.


A bit of information about the TAC HQ 2.5 Mine and Ambush Protected vehicle. These were issued to a lot of the regular units towards the end of the war for the TAC HQ in each case. 1RLI, 1RAR and 2RAR had these vehicles.

They also had an extensive tented arrangment which is explained in the sketches. I am thinking of making one from the S&S Models Scorpion 81mm Mortar Carrier. 20mm model.


5 thoughts on “RBW-TAC HQ 2.5 vehicle.

  1. AntonioThis would be a great one but not many made as it was a tactical HQ vehicle on operations which deployed with the Jumbo Fire Fotces and battle Groups. I have plenty of ideas for other vehicles you must do Lol!

    • Hi Paul unfortunately I never photographed the other side of the 1RAR Battle Group Tac HQ 2.5. but from what I remember the other side had the same window configuration and the fold up table as per the other side. I will have to find my old sketches of the tent set up. The one I scanned is not very clear. The rear of the vehicle had a small window central with a slim door on the right. Not group of 1RAR officers (me included) standing next to rear of vehicle. I will draw up what I think it would have looked like.

      • Paul

        Thanks for that info. I had glanced at the photo of the officer group and thought that the vehicle to the right was the side of a 2.5 ambulance and remember thinking why does it have a tac sign on the side. I now realise it also has a tow hook sticking out of the ‘side’. That should have been a giveaway sign it was actually the back.

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