‘What if’-Zimrhode Forces Skyraiders.


Zimrhode Forces procurement officers have bought 24 Skyraider aircraft from America to replace numbers of ground attack aircraft lost during the fighting.

White Ensign colour coates are produced by a new company but their Dark Green is accurate for Zimrhode aircraft.

I bought base flyers from S&S Models and glued them to card for more stability. earthed and grassed them. I bought small metal washers from B&Q hardware stores to glue on the bpottom of the aircraft.


4 thoughts on “‘What if’-Zimrhode Forces Skyraiders.

  1. Paul

    The Skyraider payload is almost too much for typical coin targets but definitely would have had role in more conventional warfare with larger targets.
    I think a gunship AC-47, AC-117 or AC-130 would have been very useful. I recently read a very interesting ebok report on development of US gunship capability. I kept thinking of the utility in Rhodesia – high loiter time, very high accuracy and ability to fire very close to friendly forces

    • Hi Paul Good comments! Some of the Gook camps were massive with anything up to 10 000 occupants at the late stages. FRELIMO were setting up brigade areas in the Soviet style. Yes it was going to go conventional by the late stages of the Rhodesian Bush War. The Rhodesian regular battalions were gearing up for conventional operations involving Eland 90, T54, and 25pdr and 5.5 artillery against ZIPRA armoured mechanized brigade (BRDM2, BTR152, T34, D30 artillery, PTM-S, GSP bridging equipment. etc etc etc.
      RhAF would have given anything for the AC-47, AC-117 OR AC 130. Lol!

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