RBW- African Village scenes


Nevill Bulloch has provided me with a number of good photographs of local rural scenes in Rhodesia.

I have also added some INTAF photographs of Protected Villages with INTAF Fort, and other scenes.

Ideal for the wargamer wishing to replicate the scenery.


8 thoughts on “RBW- African Village scenes

  1. Peter Botwright

    Greetings, I’m building 25mm scale diorama of the Alan Wilson/Shangani Patrol’s last stand. Can you give me any ideas. They would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Peter Botwright (zimbot38)

  2. Hi Peter yes I have done a bit of research on the Shangani Patrol. Will try and dig out my sources. Have you seen the painting of the last stand which hung in Bulawayo Civic Hall? I did have an image of it but I think there is plenty on line. I have a number of books and photocopied books which I will look through. Very busy at the moment doing the cover for the Rhodesian African Rifles memorial programme at the NMA. Keep reminding me.

  3. That is a great collection of photos. Really useful for me.

    Quick question if I may: were the stereotypical tin shanty towns ever a feature of Rhodesia?



  4. Pete sorry didnt see this message. Yes mostly near the towns but usually as out buildings for normal brick built dwellings where materials were available. In Rhodesia there were huge town ships but they were properly built brick breeze block buildings. Huge shanty towns are a modern recent feature. But in some villages you would also see the odd shanty shed if they could find the odd corrigated sheets and plastic etc.

      • Pete yes Rhodesia most town ships near towns were built properly and shanty towns I believe regulated against because of the potential of disease and of course no facilities. Large shantie towns were a later thing in modern black Africa.

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