I bought a number of Underfire Miniatures 20mm FAPLA and Syrian figures armed with soviet weapons etc and added webbing pouches and chest rig where necessary to create RhSAS during the attack on Nkomos home and his Lusaka Head Quarters.

I removed heads in many cases and bits of some of the equipment like bayonets or entrenching tools. Webbing pouches were fashioned from greenstuff.

I added NATO helmets and goggled helmets from the Elheim Figures range.

This gives me a lot more RhSAS figures armed with Soviet weapons which they used in the main. AK, RPD, RPG7 etc.

Inderfire is going to produce a range of 20mm RhSAS figures in combat caps but with the relevant webbing and separate bergens. For later war on the big operations such as Mapai helmets with skrim or clean can be added.




    • Hi Pete Enjoying doing these and I think now I have done the team for Op Bastille. Now to make Inkomos house and complete the scenario. Underfire miniatures are now coming out soon with new 20mm RhSAS in combat caps which we can change as they are going to do a set of heads as well. All great stuff.

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