Underfire Miniatures 20mm RhSAS figures.


Underfire Miniatures are now going to produce a set of figures of Rhodesian SAS. The figures include a set of advancing figures with AK, FN and RPD. There are figures to man the 20mm cannon as used by the Rhodesian SAS in the bridge blowing operations. The figures should come with bergens and weapons.

Looking forward to getting my figures. With a change of heads various RhSAS operations will be able to be played out.


5 thoughts on “Underfire Miniatures 20mm RhSAS figures.

    • Hi Pete yes I cant wait to get my figures. Will have to do this batch up for the Macombe Days operations. Will cut off the kidney pouches on my RAR figures of the 60mm commando mortar figure and RPG figure to make them RhSAS. Then I have a full complement for Macombe Operations in Mozambique. The 20mm will be for the Zambian Operations. All the best John Hop

  1. Peter Botwright

    Exceptional. Do you ever use 54mm models? I have some stunning 54mm Selous Scouts/Patu and BSAP figures
    Best regards ~ Pedro

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