ARUs (Admin Reinforcement Unit).

As the war became more intensive it was necessary to establish specialised type units within INTAF to deal with the restoration of administration in those remote areas that had become dominated by the enemy. INTAF regulars were selected to undergo extra training at Llewellyn Barracks in Bulawayo and on completion they were given the responsibility of raising eight Troops of men to deploy operationally.

Selection took place and specialist counter insurgency training was done. Each Troop was approximately thirty-three men strong and was commanded by a District Officer or Senior District Officer. The Troops were deployed at Provincial level and were capable of aggressive actions to restore the administration of the rural areas. They were deployed along side army units and accounted for several of the enemy. Several army personnel volunteered.

The Troops were deployed as follows –

A Troop in Mashonaland West,

B Troop in Mashonaland East,

C Troop in Mashonaland Central,

D Troop in Manicaland,

E Troop in Midlands,

F Troop in Victoria,

G Troop in Matabeleland North (did not have a flash).

H Troop in Matabeland South.


INTAF and some more information.


INTAF and more information.

INTAF photographs by Dudley Wall, John Mehliss, Rob Hodes and Michael Taylor. Another set of very interesting photos of the difficult work that INTAF did defending the PVs (Protected Villages) and the supporting the District Commissioners and the running of their areas.

I have also included a photograph of the Underfire Miniatures 20mm figures Rhodesian Farm Guards which have been painted up as INTAF by Ashley Straw. Excellent work as usual.

Also the cover of the soon to be published ‘Operation Lighthouse’ the story of INTAF by Dudley Wall and Gerry Van Tonder. Cannot wait to get my copy when it is published.


Nyampanda PV


Nyampanda PV (Protected Village) 1976. A selection of photos of the every day running of yet another of the many PVs protecting villagers out in the isolated areas of Rhodesia. The men of INTAF (Internal Affairs) did a difficult job under trying circumstances. Full credit to them.

Many thanks to Dave Clutten for the photographs.

The aircraft in these photographs was shot up by the ‘Terrs’ but managed to make a heavy landing. The PVs would regularly come under attack but INTAF were proactive in patrolling and taking the fight to the ‘Terrs’ as well as defending the PV and Keep.


Chisapa PV.


These are a batch of photos of Chisapa PV (Protected Village) then and now. Intaf personal can be seen here going through their daily duties, protecting the PV in an isolated area of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Photos 1978 then and the now taken in 2017.

Many thanks to Aaron Gaka for these photos.




Police Urban Emergency Unit which was modelled on SWAT formations across the world was based in Salisbury, Bulawayo, Umtali and Gwelo to counter urban terrorism. Operations prepared for were sniper, abseiling, hostage situations and terrorists holding out in buildings or multi story buildings.

Dress is Riot Blues, blue cap, and or blue OTAN/NATO helmets. Small arms and Uzi sub machine guns as well as sniper rifles.

The information was found in the book ‘Contact’.




The BSAP apart from its normal Patrol Cars and Land Rovers as the war intensifies were issued with various Mine and Ambush Protected vehicles. The light MAP vehicles were also used by farmers, civilians, civilian firms, and other Government Departments.

The BSAP in the towns and cities would also have a certain number of MAP vehicles painted light grey.

All departments of the BSAP which included PATU, Support Unit, The Mounted Unit were issued with these vehicles.



As the bush war hotted up in the late 70s there were a number of occasions of ambushes on the main roads to disrupt communications, commerce and tourism. The Police Reserve were used to man these convoys. On occasion army were used to bolster these defences with troops on MAP vehicles, armoured cars on occasion and also Grey’s Scouts in MAP vehicles would escort and be a quick reaction and followup to an ambush.

The Datsun vanets were armed with a variety of machine guns in turrets.