RLI 12Troop Op Miracle


I found the evidence for 12 Troop RLI on Operation Miracle.

Africa@War series Selous Scouts.

The RLI vehicles were still in their original Rhode Camouflage and had not been painted in ‘Freddie Green’. RhACR guys had informed me that their vehicles had been ‘Freddie Green’ painted so this bares out the evidence. So the photo at Madison Square (Building, all green 7.5s and Wrecker) could be the RhACR MAP 7.5 TCVs.

RLI 30 man Troop commanded by Capt Bobby Harrison. (12 Troop?). 3 Commando RLI.

X2 MAP 7.5

X1 Puma

X1 MAP 4.5

X1 Puma

X1 MAP 7.5

Selous Scouts MAP 4.5 ICV-TCV


S & S Models have produced the above vehicle in 20mm scale which can be converted to the vehicles used by the Selous Scouts during Operation Miracle. A few small changes will bring the vehicle up to the version the Selous Scouts used.

Add spare plate behind the cab to protect the machine gunner. Add twin HMG 50 Cal with shield above vehicle cab. Add spare wheels and tools. Add two MAG machine guns one either side at rear of vehicle. Paint the vehicle ‘Freddie’ green over all.

I am looking forward to receiving my batch of MAP 4.5 from S & S Models so I can make the changes.