There are two very good books on the history of the BSAP. Both can be found online and full of information on ‘The Regiment’.


PATU – Police Anti Terrorist Unit.


PATU – Police Anti Terrorist Unit

A local intelligence gathering unit formed in 1966. Later given a combat role.  It grew from the informal early-60s Sinoia Commandos  and the Volunteer Additional Training units of 1964. Bill Bailey applied his LRDP experience to make each stick (5 men  3-4 per BSAP province) an effective mobile seek-and-destroy unit.  (Aka PATU , Bailey’s  Bloody Bush Babe’s).

EARLY PATU 1966 before cammo

Early PATU sticks in ‘Riot Blues’ 1966.

Early part of the war ‘Riot Blues were worn initially by PATU sticks, armed with shotguns, 303 rifles, sten guns and the odd SLR, but this soon phased out as the BSAP were up against terrorists armed with military grade weapons. In this early  the ‘Ters’ were using SKS, AK, PPSH, and other light machine guns. Effectively outgunning the BSAP.


PATU in the Zambezi Valley 1967. This might be army green denim with 56 webbing pouches and bottles.

patu recce stick 73 local farmers

Rhodesian camouflage began to be introduced in the form of the combat cap, combat  jacket and combat trousers. Shirts would be the old green denim shirts until cammo shirts were introduced in the late 1960s.

By the 70s the various BSAP units were kitted out with full combat kit when in the operational area. Armed with FNs and MAGs was then the norm.




I used the Eureka 28mm figures from Fighting Fifteens. RAR, and RLI figures. The RLI figures could have combat trousers added.

Painting Rhodesian Forces Figures in Camouflage.

After much trial and error I came down to this set of colours to get the combat uniform as accurate as possible.

Camouflage shirt, trousers, combat jacket and combat cap.

Base colour:- Humbrol 83 plus a touch of Humbrol 103.

Green:- Humbrol 86.

Brown:- Humbrol 29.

Rolled sleeves Humbrol 83 and 103.

Webbing:- Humbrol 84.

Sleeping Bag:-  olive drab.

Masodja Skin colour:-Humbrol  29.


Rifle:- Base colour Humbrol 76 plus HM5 authentic humbrol, stripe pattern 83.

Rifle strap:- Humbrol 83 and Humbrol 103.

Cloth Shoulder Flash Badge.

The Support Unit cloth badge which was sewn on the shoulder of Support Unit troops.

Figure Base.

Figure Base:-  Humbrol 93 and Humbrol 103 high lights.

The figures below are by me but the last two photographs of the RAR are by that great modeler Ashley Straw. Leave the RAR cloth badge on cap off and put Support Unit shoulder flash on.