The Rhodesian Air Force was training up on South African Mirage Aircraft at the end of the bush war so in a ‘What If’ scenario Zimrhode forces would have had a squadron of these aircraft once sanctions had been lifted, giving Zimrhode forces a ground attack aircraft and interceptor to replace their aging Hunter aircraft which had also been depleted by operations.

I still need to add canopy, basic instructional markings as Zimrhode aircraft carried no national markings. Also need to add a metal washer for basing.



Many thanks to Johan Muller for these excellent photos that he took back in 1977 during the Rhodesian Bush War. Superb quality!

I thought these photographs would be very informative for RBW Modelers as it shows 1st Bn Rhodesia Regiment at Mukumbura on the border in 1977.

Note the troops dress, weapons, positions, 4.5 Rhodef vehicle with conveyor belting mine protection, barber plates in wheel arches, central seating, and roll bars.

Note bottles, crates of bottles and loose equipment would not be carried in the rear of the vehicle once deployed on patrols or movement in the boarder area, due to the mine threat. Only personnel equipment and weapons.

RBW-TAC HQ 2.5 vehicle.


A bit of information about the TAC HQ 2.5 Mine and Ambush Protected vehicle. These were issued to a lot of the regular units towards the end of the war for the TAC HQ in each case. 1RLI, 1RAR and 2RAR had these vehicles.

They also had an extensive tented arrangment which is explained in the sketches. I am thinking of making one from the S&S Models Scorpion 81mm Mortar Carrier. 20mm model.

‘What if’-Zimrhode Forces Skyraiders.


Zimrhode Forces procurement officers have bought 24 Skyraider aircraft from America to replace numbers of ground attack aircraft lost during the fighting.

White Ensign colour coates are produced by a new company but their Dark Green is accurate for Zimrhode aircraft.

I bought base flyers from S&S Models and glued them to card for more stability. earthed and grassed them. I bought small metal washers from B&Q hardware stores to glue on the bpottom of the aircraft.