Underfire Miniatures 28mm RhSAS and Selous Scouts.


I forwarded a number of sketches as ideas for future RhSAS and Selous Scouts figures in 28mm.

The ambush figures are to come next.

Also thinking of haveing the 20mm cannon as used by the RhSAS made at some time in the future. A 81mm mortar crew would also be of interest.


Counter Strike from the Sky


Probably one of the most detailed books on the Rhodesian concept of aerial envelopment of the enemy, by any historian. JRT Woods (Richard to his friends) book is a must for those interested in Fire force operations during the Rhodesian Bush war.

Richard details the the development of the concept from early days right through to the end of the war. Also the introduction of Paratrooping by numbers of units of the RLI and RARĀ  Fire Forces as Rhodesia did not have enough helicopters. At a conservative guess, in all about 76,000 operational jumps were carried out during this period.


counter strike cover

RhSAS Books


Some books on the RhSAS which will give you snippets of interesting detail for RhSAS operations during the Rhodesian Bush War.

Some books may be out of print now but there others which are available and others recent publications.

RhSAS UNDERFIRE MINIATURES (Freddie Greens) Macombe Days.


Just completed 4 sticks of RhSAS in ‘Freddie Greens’ Macombe Days operations in Mozambique. Bergens have not been attached as these are in fighting mode and would have dropped their large bergens.

Note the conversions to give a bit of variety.

Using greenstuff I have lengthened trousers, added floppy hats.

I have cut down some combat caps and removed the back flaps.

Note added silencer to one of the AK47s.

RhSAS would normally operate in sticks of 4 for covert operations but groups would then be made up of sticks of 4. So you might have ambushing groups entering Mozambique HALO and exiting by helicopter. Alouette III G-cars could only carry 4 troops and their kit so my ambushing group of 16 could be lifted by 4 G-cars or two Cheetah which could carry 8 troops (Bell 205 with twin 303 browning MGs mounted). Cheetahs were usually used for special forces operations externally.