Photos of David Freemantles 1/56 ish vehicle models for RBW wargames. I have quite a few of his models and they are excellent and look the part, as can be seen from my blog. Davids details and comment:-

my email is freemantledavid@yahoo.com.au Could you please let people know that it takes a bit of time to make them, just lately I have been hard pressed to keep up with orders, just over 30 models still to build that post I just did is for one guy in the UK for his museum and still have 5 more for him to build.

When your orders ease I will be ordering more as well Dave. Keep up the great work shamwari!





Cougar, Hyena and Pookie.


Just received my latest 1/54 scale vehicles from David Freemantle in Australia. The detail is unbelievable. I have posted his details on a number of other articles on this blog.

These were a series of vehicles used for mine and ambush protection during the Rhodesian Bush War.

The Pookie was used by the Rhodesian Engineers to clear the many roads that had been mined by the terrorists.

The Hyena was an early mine protected vehicle which was used by the BSAP, INTAF, PWD and many other government agencies as well as civilians I believe. It was used until the end of the war and after.

The Cougar was probably the best and last of the mine protected vehicles produced in Rhodesia. Used by the organisations above. Also produced in South Africa.




A recent batch of photographs have come to light of the Paratroopers of A Coy 1RAR in 1978. Many thanks to Michael Matthews of A Coy 1RAR for making these photos available to me.

Michael posted an account of an A Coy external into Mozambique with 2 Daks of Paratroopers and 3 G -cars. Two 1RAR companies took part. The Gooks managed to gap the area by the time they deployed and he was left on the ground with two of his sticks over night before they were extracted by the G-cars the next day. At least the Gooks operations were disrupted and the camp destroyed keeping them constantly on their toes. There will be more ops to follow.

This gives the war gamer the variations of ops and external ops that were being carried out by the RAR.



Just made up a 1/72 scale Ural 375 GS truck as used by FRELIMO and ZANLA in Mozambique during the bush war. This vehicle was also used in large numbers by ZIPRA in Zambia.

I hope to create ambush situations for the Rhodesian SAS operating deep inside Mozambique during the Macombe Days operations.

Some while back I managed to buy a batch of Ural-375 trucks 1/72 scale models by ICM.

S & S Models

I also ordered a number of of Fabbri 1/72 diecast Ural 375s from S & S MODELS in the UK. These are the BM21 MLRS rocket launcher version which with a bit of cutting can be converted to a GS truck or you can order the office body from S & S Models.

Managed to get my hands on a batch of these from S & S Models so will be converting more in the future. They are out of stock at the moment but hopefully will get more in.

Info from S & S MODELS

This special offer contains the Fabbri Ural 375 bm21 mlrs and the office body conversion kit.

Please note:-

You will need a hacksaw to cut the mlrs body from the cab as it is a metal diecast part cast with the cab, it is not too hard a job but you will

need to pack the cab bottom out to fat it back to the chassis!



Having received my BSAP vehicles in 28mm scale from David Freemantle I decided to work up a new scenario. The vehicles are absolutely brilliant!

A BSAP patrol needs to get through to an incident in the TTL so is lead in by the local PATU (Police Anti Terrorist Unit) stick in a Leopard, while the Patrol Officers follow in a mine proofed Land Rover while a section of BSAP Support Unit follow in a Puma Single Cab.

The patrol needs to get though to the local bottle store at the other end of the table. The gooks will lay an ambush at some point along the rout.



Just recieved these vehicles from David Freemantle in Australia. Think they are 1.50 scale so close enough to my 28mm BSAP figures.

MAP single cab Puma.


Mine protected Land Rover.

Great models made by David.

I am now going to think up my next scenario, using these vehicles and my BSAP police figures.



RAR Fire Force

A coy 1RAR deploys to Wankie FAF1.

1Pl is inserted at night by vehicle and does a 20K walk in at night to take up OP positions, in the Lukozi River area. Vehicle does not stop but slowly allows troops to debus.

OP identifies a camp of 20 Gooks in a tree line by the river. OP calls Foxtrot Foxtrot (Fire Force).

3 Pl Fire Force flys in low behind the OP having been given a verbal picture of the ground and target from the OP.


The K-car lifts up to 800’ and throws red smoke to mark the camp. OP gives corrections to K-car and K-car puts down fire from its 20mm cannon making the Gooks take cover.

G-cars Pink 1 Pink 2 and Pink 3 put down Stops 1, 2 and 3 in preselected positions. Donga to west, River bed to south and river bed to the North. These would be the main escape routes.

Move 2.

K-car in anti-clockwise orbit above target calls in Lynx.

4 Gooks break north along river bed. 9”.

3 Gooks break South West along donga 9”. K-car fires at this group and kills 2.

Paradac drops x4 para sticks to the East, Vulture 1, 2, 3, and 4 plus two “wankers”.

Move 3.

K-car orbits firing at camp and directs Lynx onto target which drops mini golf bomb on target. Kills 2 Gooks.. K-car fires at group heading north and kills 2.

8 Gooks break south along river bed. 9”.

Gook in donga keeps running 9”

Move 4.

More Gooks break south from the camp.

K-car puts fire down on camp.

Single gook moves south west along donga.

Stop 1 takes up ambush positions and shoots running single gook in donga.

Stop 3 shoots 2 running north up river bed.

Vulture (Paras) sticks 1, 2, 3 and 4 exchange shots with Gooks running south along river bed.

Stop 2 moves north up river bed.

Move 5.

Stop 2 fires at large group of Gooks moving south along river bed.

K-car moves across in orbit and fires on Gooks moveing south and kills 1.

Vulture sticks 1 and 2 advance on camp and come under fire from camp. Talk in Lynx and throw FLOT (x2 White Phos) show forward line of troops.

Lynx comes in live drops Frantan and 3 Gooks killed in the flames.

Vulture sticks 3 and 4 spot Gooks moving south.


Move 6

Gooks moving south east 5 breaking cover while 1 RPD gunner covers them.

RPD gunner fires at Vulture 3 and 4 killing 1 Masodja and wounding another.

Vultures 3 and 4 return fire killing one runner.

Vulture 1 and 2 advance towards burning camp to clear area.

Move 7.

RPD gunner makes a break and other 5 gooks reach thick cover.

K-car losses contact with fleeing Gooks.

Vulture 3 and 4 deal with casualty and call for casevac. Throw blue smoke to mark position for casevac. Pink 3 responds.

Pinks 1 and 2 have recovered to Land Tail to refuel, and pick up fresh sticks if need be.

As it is late in the day G-cars will recover troops, paratroops and chutes to Land Tail.